Things You Didn’t Know About Letterhead Printing

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Letterhead printing goes way back before businesses even knew what the internet was. When you wanted to converse with your customers or notify people of upcoming events, you turned to letterhead printing services to help get your message across. There were no emails, text messages or tweets. Just good old printed materials to keep your company image positive and your workflow smooth. Even in today’s world of digitally connected communications, people still use it to their advantage. Here are a few things you might not have known about your printer.

A lot of letterhead printing services nowadays have morphed into eco-friendly production machines. Their facilities use less energy, create fewer emissions, reuse materials and recycle scraps to not only help spare the environment, but to drive both the company’s and your costs down. It simply makes better business sense to “go green” in today’s day and age for this multitude of purposes. The finished results actually produce better quality than if you were go with all new materials across the board.

Another thing to think about when you’re looking to order letterhead printing online is the sheer variety of customization. There are a ton of different inks to choose from including glow in the dark, neon, metallic and embossed lettering, which could come in handy if your latest efforts have gotten a bit stale. There’s potential for glossy coating, custom folds and collating, die-cuts and matte finishes – basically anything you can think to do to paper, your printer will be able to carry it out. When it comes to letterhead printing, customarily there is not much you need to add. But depending on what type of business you own, something out of the ordinary could be good for you.

You need a fresh stack of custom letterhead printing, but did you know you could have your printer take it a step further? How about getting each of them pre-printed with a message, inserted into a custom envelope and delivered directly to a customer list of your choice? Some businesses overlook this aspect, opting instead for doing it all themselves. The truth is it can cost you an arm and a leg to pay for postage, envelopes and an employee to stuff them all and get them mailed. For an additional nominal charge, the right printer can do all of this and more – wafer-sealing, inkjet addressing, and timely delivery and pickup arranged with the post office beforehand.

Letterhead printing is always changing. Stay ahead of your competitors with online printing worth the effort today.

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