Things to Consider When Designing Your Brochures

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If you want to have brochure printing that really works to your advantage, you might want to consider a few suggestions:

Include a summary of what’s inside your pages on the cover.

Highlight what you have inside your collateral’s pages when designing and printing brochures. Include one-liner headlines that grab attention. This allows your target clients to see what you have in store for them in your print brochures. Remember to write it in a way that piques their interests; enough to make them want to stop, pick up your color brochure and read more.

Include a clear and precise call-to-action.

Not only should you write a clear message, but your target readers should also be able to understand what you expect them to do after they read your collateral. A visible call-to-action, as well as a clear one can get your target clients to act accordingly and to your advantage. Consider putting it in every page. That way, your target clients would have no doubt whatsoever of what you expect from them.

Include a photo of a real person on the cover.

Don’t just entice your readers with great headlines; include a photo of a person when printing brochures. Someone who can vouch for the benefits you provide. It can be of the manufacturer’s, the owner, a loyal client or even an expert in your field. The principle behind it is that your target readers will be drawn to your brochure printing because they know that there are real people behind your company.

Consider doing a Q %26 A.

Studies have shown that people in general likes to read answers to questions no matter what topic you have.

Design your format just like a magazine.

Magazines are proven materials that people often read and keep. Just like a magazine, design your brochure printing in the same layout and format. Put plenty of pictures, color, and interesting stories. And remember to use glossy paper to attract the attention of your readers.

Display your contact information prominently.

In order for your target readers to respond to your call-to-action right away, don’t make it difficult for them to get in touch with you. Put your contact information where you target clients can see them. In fact, make it a point to have your contact information displayed in every page if possible.

Include photos and images that are essential to your message.

Graphic images are not only for aesthetic purposes. They do serve a purpose. They are necessary to emphasize your message, hence, making it easier for your target clients to understand what you want to say.

The bottom line is to have brochure that work to achieve your goals. Printing brochures is a challenging task. And it takes a lot of careful planning to come up with great brochure printing that effectively gets the attention of your target clients.

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