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Not too long ago…

There was a HUGE uproar in the soap opera industry.


Because the longest running (and most popular) soap opera called Days of Our Lives was cancelled despite the fact that millions watched every day.

Talk about some angry fans.

Some wrote letters begging to keep the show going…

Others picketed the TV studio…

And a few even offered to pay out of their own pocket to support the show.

But the network put the kabash on Days of Our Lives anyway.


I can boil it down to one word:


Even though Days of Our Lives was wildly popular, TV execs were OK ending this show because they knew exactly how much was at stake… and… they knew what they had to do to replace it.

And it all boiled down to the numbers which they found by testing.

Here’s the point:

Testing is one of the most valuable things you can do.

Test your offer.

Test your call to action.

Test your guarantee.

Test your product or service to see if it delivers.

This may sound like a lot of extra work but it will give you invaluable feedback that tells you if you want to move forward with a project… or… if you should send it to the sales and marketing graveyard.

Thing is…

Many business owners don’t test diddley-squat.

And I’m not sure why.

Testing is easy to do.

It doesn’t cost much.

And it can tell you quickly if you have a monster winner or an enormous dud.

And it goes without saying:

If you have a monster winner on your hands, then you tweak something in this “winner” like the offer… the call to action… or the guarantee… and you test this new and improved second piece versus your original piece.

If your second piece works better than your first piece then it now becomes your new control piece. Which means you’d then tweak something on this second piece (so you create a third piece) and then test this third piece against your new control which is your second piece.

Does this sound confusing?


But it’s really not that hard to do.

All it takes it carefully keeping track of how well your sales and marketing campaigns perform.

And then trying to make each winner win even bigger.

How do you test a piece?

You simply have some device that tells you where your new customer came from.

You keep track of how many customers came from X… Y… and Z.

You tabulate them up at the end of your test period.

And you then decide what worked and what didn’t.

With a little practice you’ll master this very valuable marketing skill in no time which will put give all of your business marketing promotions a huge boost.

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