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Glossy, Silk or Spot UV finishes for your business cards

There is so much competition out there in today’s aggressive business world. These days, it seems like almost everyone has a business card and is handing them out to nearly everyone that they meet. Business cards are a very valuable form of advertising for your company but just how are your business cards ever going to stand out from the rest in this competitive market? One simple way to give yourself an upper hand is by adding a special finish to your companys card.

Glossy, silk and spot UV finishes are three great finishes that you can add to your business cards. Depending on your budget and the overall feeling that you want to convey with your cards deign, any one of these three printer finishes can help you make a better first impression.

Glossy finish Cards

Glossy finish on your cards stick out, look fancy, and are shiny and reflective. The look is very professional and they will make the colours on your card pop attractively compared to the competition. Glossy business cards last longer than other business cards printed on your average card stock. They can withstand the elements and they will maintain their bright appearance for a long time, providing a long-term cost benefit (if you don’t change your business logo that is).

Silk finish Cards

Silk business cards can also look very professional. They are feel silky smooth and they don’t have the reflective glare that glossy finished cards have. Also, if you want to be able to write on your cards, a silk finish is a great choice. Having a card printed with a matte finish is also be a lot cheaper than most of the other printer finishes there are to choose from, yet when used right, can enhance the overall finish.

Spot UV

Spot UV is by far one of my favourite types of finish for business cards. Spot UV is when a gloss is added to a specific area of your design to highlight that part of the design and to make it pop, giving it an enhanced texture to feel. It sits somewhere between the gloss and silk finishes. Spot UV is a great effect that really improves your cards design. Spot UV can be added to your logo, your companies contact details so that they jump out or even as a design in the background. It is most effective when it is contrasted with a silk business card finish.

Be creative and have fun. You could even experiment with a technique called reverse spot UV where the background of your card is glossed but your logo is not. The most important thing to remember with spot UV is that you want to keep it simple so that your card design pops while still keeping its classy look. Be sure to work the finish into the overall design of the card by being selective. A design with too much spot UV added will lose its effectiveness.

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