The Way to Build a Successful Network Marketing Internet Business

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Network marketing used to be a way of promoting products through face-to-face contact, where people invited other people they knew into their groups. Take Mary-Kay, Pre-paid Legal, Mona-vie, and countless others for example, everything is all very personal. Distributors invite folks into their own homes, hold party’s, and give demonstrations in order to share their products. With the appearance of network marketing on the internet, this business is becoming much less private.

This is why most people are basically failing at network marketing. Although it may be possible to reach thousands of people on the internet, not just a few like in old school network marketing, many of the new and unskilled network marketers simply do not understand the whole concept of good old-fashioned marketing. They have not dealt with people in an one-on-one situation and they simply don’t understand the whole idea of “attraction marketing”. I bet this seems so straight forward, but it’s a science. It’s based off of the same idea that if you like me, you buy from me. This is how Mary Kay, Pampered Chef etc… Have stayed in the business so long, together with the many other successful MLM businesses. I know you have seen those pink Cadillacs driven by ladies they did not get those Cadillacs by selling just two lipsticks! So how can this old-fashioned idea of attraction marketing translate to the Internet?

Primarily if you set out to “help” people, they will be more receptive than if you set out to “sell” people. The Internet is still the information highway and that is where most people are looking to find information. They are routinely looking for information to clear up a problem. People are exceptionally well-educated nowadays thanks to the Internet, and they definitely do not purchase the first thing that comes along, they conduct thorough research first, and some will even visit social media sites like Facebook and YouTube, and ask questions on forums or read articles on the topic. That’s precisely where you should be too! If your potential audience is out there already looking for you then why not place yourself in front of them? You won’t just be saying “buy this it’s the best” either. There is where most marketers fail. this isn’t any different than face to face in reality. Would you spam your friends and family face to face? No, so why would you do it to everyone on the internet? You have to meticulously gain people’s trust by posting educational articles and answering questions on forums related to your business, only then can you expect to get the leads which will ultimately bring you sales. This is known as “attraction marketing”.

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