The Uses of FSDUs

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As part of every marketer’s arsenal should be the option of using free standing display units to showcase a product or service they are promoting and trying to sell to the consumer market. FSDUs are typically cardboard stands which are placed at the entrance of supermarkets or at the checkout aisles when people are shopping, in order to show off a new product or a new line that a company is promoting to the general public. The FSDU is going to come in a wide variety of options, colours and designs, sizes, shapes, and different material options (although cardboard is the most common), in order to draw the consumers’ attention to the products.

Many consumers will notice the free standing display units as they are shopping in stores. So, whether it is a band that has released a new CD, and wants to showcase it in a music store, or whether it is a new potato chip product being offered by one of the brand leaders, the use of FSDUs to show off these new products, and to get the consumer to notice them, is a simple solution, and an extremely cheap marketing solution, which is going to get the job done. Due to the size and magnitude of the displays, and due to the fact that the FSDU is generally put in an area of the store that is easily noticeable (for example, new potato chips will be placed next to the dip aisle, or a new pizza will be placed in the front of the frozen foods section in the grocery store), consumers are bound to notice the product, and are going to be drawn to it.

The use of free standing display units is a great option for the business that wants to save on cost of marketing, yet get the most out of the unit. Due to the fact that they are so prominent, and that consumers are going to notice the units, it is very cheap for a business owner, as they are not going to have to pay for any additional forms of marketing to get the product across to the consumer. By simply choosing an FSDU that is large and noticeable, and by choosing the right location to place the FSDUs in any retail outlet, the business owner, or the brand manager for a particular product is going to see the results they are hoping for with very little effort on their behalf, other than by simply setting up the display unit.

No matter what the product is, from a new shampoo, to a new beer flavour being offered, the use of free standing display units is the ideal option to show these products off, get consumers to notice them, and spend as little as possible on marketing. Due to the fact that the FSDUs speak for themselves, and as they are so prominent, consumers are going to notice them, and will instantly be drawn to a product in a store, whether or not they need the product.

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