The Tools For Successfully Branding a Business in 2009

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With a raising influx of tools available to us for branding, we must look underneath the cloudy layer and begin to think, which tools should I focus my time with? The top tools that you’ll use to brand yourself or your business are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

How to use each tool:

When you Tweet with Twitter for your business, you gain great SERPS. In order to establish a following though, you must learn that you need to customize your profile with every available option and having a custom background with your business contact info. Make tweets about business related things such as status updates on products, responses for support on products, and even product unveilings. By Tweeting, your letting your consumers know that you are being active in your industry thus giving your brand reputation.

Facebook is the ultimate connecting tool. By promoting your companies Facebook with your twitter, you can almost instantly start connecting with your consumers and building relationships that show when your customers provide an opinion to a possible lead that your product is the one they need to buy. By allowing yuor customers to post on your facebook, they can also connect with other users thus enhancing your viral presence.

LinkedIn is the tool that you’ll use when connecting with other business owners and employees. This tool allows you to find professionals in your industry that know what they’re talking about which allows you to connect with them and build a network of connections for possible joint ventures or sales. This tool will also help you immensely when it comes time to find a new employee as you can instantly find references for the person of interest.

By implementing all of these tools, you increase your industry presence to an entire new demographic of customers.

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