The Ten Commandments of Selling

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Every profession has its blueprint for success. Developed by those who have succeeded and put to print somewhere for those who come after them. Very few people will graduate college with the intent on becoming a Professional Salesperson. But somewhere along the way they accept a position where they are selling for their living and “Lo and Behold”, for whatever reason, it becomes their life’s occupation. For those people I have compiled my “Ten Commandments Of Selling.” They are a creation of many of what I call “Old Pro’s” or “Masters” of selling. I promise they will be your blueprint to success.

1. Knowledge

The acquisition and accumulation of knowledge is critical to success in any profession. In sales it is immeasurable. You need to acquire knowledge in your products, your company and your competition. You need to learn about sales techniques, and the psychology of selling. Learn about influencing people and the lives of your prospects you encounter. As a Sales Professional you are on a never ending quest for knowledge as it applies to your craft.

2. Integrity

Always be honest with your customer and make sure that you do what you say you will do. How successful you are will depend on how good your word is. The customer must always win. The Universal Law says what you put out you get back tenfold. That includes effort and integrity. Believe it, live it and you will be successful.

3. Appearance

Always be properly dressed. It tells a prospect what you think of yourself and of the people you deal with. It is your image, how you look will dictate how you feel and that will dictate how you perform.

4. Presentation and Preparation

You must have a presentation that is “yours.” You must be prepared with the knowledge and materials needed for the sale. By understanding and utilizing the profiling system you can determine the needs and wants of your prospect. Preparing yourself mentally, will make you a winner. This is even more important when “YOU” are the product.

5. Enthusiasm and Energy

Enthusiasm sells. Case closed. Make sure you give your presentation in an enthusiastic manner. Enthusiasm is contagious. People pick up on the energy you project and become a part of it. They want to be around enthusiastic and energetic people. So be one and be successful. If necessary, take a few minutes to meditate and get your head right and always project a positive attitude.

Remember; the outcome of a sale is a direct correlation to the expectations of the salesperson.

6. Listen and Take Notes

The purpose of scripting the first 7-10 lines of your presentation is to allow you the opportunity to LISTEN to your prospect as you probe for information. This is where you will pick up the buying signals. You can’t afford to miss anything. If you take notes as you listen, you won’t.

7. Close and Ask for the Order

Obviously you need to learn closing techniques. But if nothing else, ask for the order. I don’t care if you totally blank out on your presentation, have a mental block and forget the whole thing. Ask for the order. Never, ever, leave a selling situation, whether it is a face-to-face encounter or a telephone call, without at least asking for the order one time.

8. Post Sell

After the sale, always leave your customer with a good feeling that they will always remember. You must reassure them that they just did a very wise thing. Using the recognition, of a third party technique, will reassure them that they did the wise and correct thing. It will give them the confidence to feel good about their decision. A handwritten thank you note or an email will solidify that feeling.

A person may not remember what you did for them, they may not remember what you told them, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

9. Referrals

After the sale you always ask for referrals or for a letter of reference. You can build a good solid book of business with referrals and letters of reference. Even the bare minimum of leaving business cards can bear fruit. It never hurts to ASK for referrals or letters of reference.

10. The Customer’s Name

Learn it and use it often. This probably should be Commandment number one. There was a study done at Yale University many years ago and of the twenty-five most important words one should use when selling the number one word was “The Customer’s name.” I cannot stress the importance of finding out the names of everyone who will be involved in or affected by the sale. That means children too. If someone has eight children learn their names and ages. That is why you take notes. If it is a board of directors learn their names, ages, titles and their departmental responsibilities. You also need to know how to pronounce the name or names correctly. If you don’t know how you ask and keep at it until you can. It is critical and I promise, that one feat will make you more sales than you can ever imagine. By doing so, you will inspire those who can’t and impress those who can.

“The sweetest sound a person hears is the sound of their own name.” Dale Carnegie

If you believe in yourself, believe in what you are doing and follow these commandments you will be successful. Jeffrey J Halperin

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