The Social Media Frenzy – Take 4 Actions to Avoid Marketing Mayhem

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Are you turning your online dialogue into engaging interactive conversations? On the other hand, are you becoming a social media monger by turning your communications into a ball of confusion?

Sharing content, photos, videos, opinions, blogs, advocacy or special events is part of our online social community. Visits to personal and commercial social networking sites continue to keep people peeking into your life or the life of your organization twenty-four hours a day. We no longer rely only on traditional media to keep us abreast of the latest developments because the Internet is saturated with unlimited information on practically any subject you can possibly think of.

To avoid being trapped in the digital marketing maze of social media, here are just a few things to remember:

1. Choose a few sites that you will be able to maintain daily, interact with frequently and those that will help to be a marketing asset to your online socializing. Social media does not have the measurability formula down pack yet for end users, but there are tools like Facebook Insights that provide analytics about the activity on your page. Facebook analytics are not available for personal profile walls yet, but if you created a page, you should be able to pull those statistics up.

2. Do not approach your social networking sites too aggressively and turn people off. That is like going to a party and be the obnoxious guest who everyone tries to avoid like the plague.

3. Select social media sites that will compliment and grow your business or organization. There are hundreds of social media sites in dozens of categories. Be strategic about whom you are interacting with and who you want to interact with you.

4. Do not wear yourself thin. You don’t have to be a social butterfly in every social media and social networking site. Getting your marketing message out is a good thing, but you do not always have to have your hand in so much and be ineffective in all.

Social media is the viral voice of you, your company or organization. People base your credibility on what you say, how you keep your word, what you promise to do, how you respond to consumer-related concerns and your attitude. Your attitude can often be reflected through words more than verbal expressions. Think about these tips to avoid getting caught up in a social media cyclone.

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