The Selling Attitude

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“Such a deal I have for you!”

Wow, don’t you just want to run the other way?

Unfortunately, this is the way I feel when approached by someone selling their expertise in marketing, traffic, or their own million-dollar software. Do I look like a sucker with ‘stupid’ labeled upon my forehead and ‘kick me’ on my back?

Many of these people make me feel this way, especially if I reject what they are selling. “After all, there is still room on your credit card, and even though the charge is $5,000.00, this is small change for the money you will be making from your business once I show you how to make it work for you!”

If you should choose not to purchase their product they are deeply hurt and insulted. I was even called rude by one of these beauties. Needless to say, I almost came unglued.

The reason I am writing this article is to expose these people. I’m no salesman, but common courtesy goes a long way, even if you feel protected by the telephone. I raised my children to be nice and not some lame-brain.

I’ve recently sent back software packages because of poor selling of their customer, and yes, being called rude. I don’t care how great the product is; my dignity, and yours should stand head and shoulders above this poor selling technique. I can’t imagine that product being that great because of the attitude of the people selling it.

To summarize, there are many rude and crude people trying to sell us products. Be sure you get what you pay for and don’t be pressured to buy something you really don’t want.

Gerald Q

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