The Secret to Customer Retention – Brand Your Business

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The beginning point for branding of course is establishing your logo and website design. Why should you spend good money on your logo and web design? Well, it’s a good point especially since we are all trying to scrimp and save every dollar we can in this economic climate. A key factor overlooked by many businesses today is branding. In particular if your business has a strong web presence then branding is something you cannot afford to forget about.

When customers are buying online, they need to have confidence that they are getting value, quality and they trust that you are offering something legitimate. The reason is because in most cases, you get what you pay for. Would you buy a car for 1/10 of its worth and expect it to run smooth and have not maintenance issues that risk costing you more in the long run? Of course not, and your website design is much the same.

Quality is the most important factor for your business image to establish a strong branding presence. A Graphic Designer will spend time with you to ensure your true business message is reflected in your logo and website design. Your logo is enhanced by not only colours, pictures but the elements around it. A lot of time is invested into this process. For the newly established business budgets may prevent you from working with a top end graphic branding expert however there are a lot of good graphic designers out there that will do great work for a reasonable price.

Don’t go for bottom dollar however. You want someone who has examples they can provide to you of their works and business knowledge about how this can be developed over time.

Your logo design and website design should be aesthetically pleasing to apply to any thing you use as a business for example stationary, promotional items such as pens, shirts, banners, shop front signs, car signs and anything else related to your business. This is really about seeing to the future what your needs will be for your branding image. The majority of very large corporations like NEC, DELL, Harrods, Tiffany %26 Co. tend to keep to text only logos. Text logos are very popular and are easily integrated across the Branding board.

Using an icon can be extremely powerful to identify your business. Just look at Apple and Nike for example. This is really powerful branding at work. Symbols guide us in our lives and daily activities and are all around us. Icons can vary from simplistic to more complex utilizing gradients and simulated 3D.

Illustrative (is further on evolved than iconic) and less frequently used but really works well for companies that wish to convey comfortable “well trusted and recognized” feeling typically found on a bar of chocolate or bottle of cough syrup.

So start improving your customer retention by branding your business. Make an unforgettable impression to start seeing results. Once your logo is developed utilise it in every opportunity possible including website design to maximise your results.

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