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Marketing, marketing and even more marketing. Some of you are probably rolling your eyes right now because you know that you’ve been told hundreds of times before, but you’ve never taken it seriously.

Marketing yourself is an absolute must if you’re ever going to make it freelance. I know when I first started out, I knew very little about marketing. I just assumed you built a website and they would come. Not true. Back in the day when the Internet was new, you simply built a site and indeed, the traffic did come.

However, with millions of businesses offering the same services as you online, you need to be seen and noticed quickly. So, with this in mind, I always approach marketing in a highly aggressive manner. And with good reason too. I’m not one for doing things lightly – rather I throw myself into a task because I know it has to be done.

Marketing is not a single-effort activity. Indeed I see marketing as analogous to fishing. If you were starving and had to catch fish or risk another night without food, would you cast your net in one place, or would you place several nets in various locations to ensure the best chances of success? Marketing is no different, as you need to put several measures in place before you can even be hopeful of catching some great clients.

Here’s a tip for you – DON’T, whatever you do waste money on useless advertising unless it’s to a highly targeted audience. I found this out to my own detriment when I newly started out. Having paid $1,600 for an advertorial in the local Chamber’s magazine, I thought my phone would be ringing off the hook.

Instead, I didn’t get a single enquiry. Not one single call or email. This was money I had to borrow from my family in the hope that my freelance career would take off. I never saw any return on my investment. I’ve since learnt that highly targeted advertising yields far better results.

During Christmas last year, I placed an advert on a well know Internet Marketing forum ( ) for just $20, and guess what? So far I’ve had over $15,000 worth of work come in from this one advert alone. And I have NEVER had to re-advertise or ‘bump my thread’ to continue receiving work.

Why have I done so amazingly well? Because I regularly post on this forum and offer good, helpful and practical advice wherever I can. I now have ‘fans’ on the forum – and have steadily built followers who love my posts and look out for them all the time. And I get many referrals and other copywriters putting in a good name for me when certain projects coming up.

And this is what I love the most – you know you’re getting somewhere when you have fans! On a more serious note, you should actively look at forums in your niche and start posting to them regularly to offer advice. Use your signature link to advertise your business. The more you help, the more others will see you as the ‘go to’ person in your niche for all their problems… and hopefully hire you when they need a good, competent professional who can get the job done.

Set up Google Alerts on your computer to include words like ‘freelance copywriter wanted’ or ‘freelance writer wanted’. Experiment to see which keywords work best. I usually find adding in words like ‘hire’, ‘needed’ or ‘wanted’ to your alerts helps to filter the search results better. Using Google Alerts is a no-cost and easy way of catching the best writing jobs on the web.

Write for an active business blog or a blog in your niche. You could ‘guest-write for blogs in your niche in much the same way as you would on a forum. Not only will you be building your trust and credibility, but including your bio will mean that you have a link back to your site and means your visible to the very people who you are targeting.

Another great way to gain clients is to visit trade shows with your business cards and approach clients directly. Particularly, you should aim for businesses that are new and need to improve their visibility. Ring the trade show organizers beforehand and obtain a list of exhibitors. Do your homework and check out their website if they have one.

What areas can be improved? Can you make their copy stronger? Do they have a newsletter or lead capture? If not, this is always something you can approach them about. What page of Google are they on? What are their keywords? Compile a list of potential prospects and armed with this knowledge, you should approach businesses not as a pushy, sales person, but as a professional who genuinely takes an interest in their business and is able to offer solid, actionable advice.

This is a great way to introduce yourself to potential prospects and ensure you place yourself favorably. Always follow up with businesses that show an active interest in your services, since businesses are busy and if you leave it to them to chase you up, you may be waiting a long time!

Finally, approach design agencies with the offer of a joint venture. This method in particular has worked very well for me, as I now work with three agencies on a freelance basis. Not only does this bring in a large chunky amount of business, but the work is regular and can easily see you through dry patches and times when you don’t have much else on.

But, if, like me, you’re always hungry to get your name out, you shouldn’t have any dry patches at all. Rather, you too can be in the envious position of turning clients away because your fully booked.

Stay tuned next time, when I’ll be revealing even more tricks to fill your diary with clients.

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