The Secret of Being Booked Months Ahead – Part 2!

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Always set aside at least 2-3 hours a week for your marketing efforts. In the beginning, you might be spending 2-3 hours daily to try and get the ball rolling – but as long as it’s consistent, you should be fine.

Here’s a tip that rarely fails and can help you grab clients when you’re struggling. Look through your local paper for adverts which are poorly written. You know the ones I mean – the ones with badly written copy, no benefits and nothing which grabs the attention of the reader. Contact the business and ask them some questions about response rates from the advert, and offer to rewrite it for them.

Now I know copywriters who have actually gone ahead and told businesses that if they don’t see an improvement in response, they don’t get paid. It’s a great way of eliminating risk for a business, especially if they are new or struggling.

Here’s a question for you – are you building up a list of your old clients? If not, why not? In any business model, there are several ways of making money. More notably, it’s worth remembering that while you should be on the lookout for hot new prospects, you will almost always do better with repeat business from previous clients.

All clients are considered hot leads, and you should look at being able to get more work from them on a regular basis by shooting out a newsletter or offers when you have slots available. If you’ve done a good job for them first time round, chances are you’ll get repeat business from the same clients quite easily.

All too often (and this is a common but fatal mistake among many new copywriters) I’ve seen copywriters get hung up over one client. Trust me when I say that even when a client has LOTS of work for you, one day it will fizzle out. And when it happens, it can easily be a substantial part of your income gone. The first time this happened to me, it came as a big blow because I relied on the income generated from the project month in, month out. When that work fizzled out, I was stuck without work for 8 weeks – not a good place to be when you’re new and struggling to get your business off the ground in the first place.

So, I did what any sensible person in my shoes would have done. I learned from the experience and decided never to rely on one client for business ever again. Now when this happens, I’m ALWAYS prepared and always have other projects going at the same time. Don’t fall into the same trap of being stuck with no work by ensuring you’re always marketing – it really is the defining difference between those who are successful and those who are struggling.

Partner up with another copywriter. You may be thinking it’s silly to partner with someone who is your direct competition, but actually it’s not. Find someone who works in a different niche than you and send them referrals for a fee and vice versa. This strategy works brilliantly for me – I have a friend who specializes in IT and so any technical copywriting requests are passed onto him. Likewise, he has sent several clients in the health niche my way.

It’s always a good idea to create your own network of ‘go to’ people so you have sources of income coming in from different referrals. And who’s to say you’re limited to another copywriter? Use your imagination and partner with people in complementary fields such as graphic designers and web designers.

The bottom line is this – as long as you are working hard to get the word out, nothing should prove difficult for you. And if you are still struggling, it’s always worth asking someone more successful than you to share some golden nuggets of advice.

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