The Real Reason Businesses Fail

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Have you ever wondered why some companies seem to enjoy an endless flood of customers pouring into their business…

While others in the same industry – selling the same products to the same market – seem to struggle to attract any customers at all?

What’s the secret?

What do successful business owners know and do that unsuccessful business owners don’t?

Well this is the subject of today’s lesson… and the answer may surprise you.

You see, I have consulted with thousands of business owners and managers as part of my copywriting business. And in that time I have noticed two main factors which successful business owners seem to do that unsuccessful ones don’t.

For starters…

Successful business owners make the time to market their business.

Would you believe that the reason why 90% of business owners I speak with don’t market their businesses as much as they could, isn’t because of a lack of money or a lack of motivation.

The real reason they don’t market their businesses is they don’t make time to do the marketing.

As a result, they hit their prospects with little or no promotions at all, and the little promotions they do use are often useless and a waste of money – but they wouldn’t know this because they never have time to measure the results.

Funnily enough, these same businesses owners are never among the leaders in their industry, and are often the ones struggling to make the optimal profits in their business.

Yet, with the majority of successful business owners I consult with, the opposite is true.

Successful business owners actually make real time for marketing – whether it be their own time or the time of an employee.

Not surprisingly, these are the same guys dominating their markets and raking in massive profits.

The bottom line is that if you are truly serious about growing your business, then you have to put real time aside each week to market it – not just run a few token promotions here and there. Otherwise, how can you ever expect your business to grow?

Successful business owners also know how and where to promote their businesses!

Interestingly, successful business owners don’t just know how to put together a winning advertisement, they also know where to advertise.

To start with, they know how to put together an effective direct marketing promotion that advertises a special offer to their prospects.

For example, I know of a baker who changed an advertisement in his local paper from an image based ad (his business name and address) to a direct response ad where he advertised a free chocolate eclair for new customers.

As a result, his advertising response skyrocketed from around 30 new customers every time his old ads ran, to over 220 new customers with his new ad – that’s the power of direct response!

But knowing how to advertise is just the beginning. Successful business owners also know where to advertise as well.

Rather than just running a few ads in the Yellow Pages and local newspaper, successful business owners also use proven mediums like postcards, direct mail, co-ops, pay-per-click, referrals, inserts, ride-a-longs, joint ventures, flyers, coupons, tradeshows, special events, and classified ads just to name a few…

In fact, I’ve discovered that the same businesses who are leaders in their markets also tend to be the ones that
same ones do the most advertising – coincidence? I think not!

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