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I remember seeing an incident that changed my thinking back in the 80′s. Ronald Reagan was President and he was conducting a press conference on the road, outside Washington. There was some crisis of the moment going on and one of the reporters asked him, “Mr. President. With the current crisis going on shouldn’t you be back in the White House to deal with it rather than out here on the road?”

Reagan answered with a classic “Reagan-ism.” He started with a long, “Well…” I think he did that to gather his thoughts. Perhaps it was also to calm down after dumb questions. Reagan’s answer gave me a lot of insight and speaks to us today. He said that with today’s technology and all that he has available, he can do everything out on the road being with the American people just as effectively as being back in the White House.

I thought that if the President can do whatever is needed on the road by leveraging technology, why can’t we? Why can’t we do “anywhere marketing” by leveraging the latest and most useful technology available?

You can to. You have to think mobile. Think agility. Think rapid customer service. Much like the military’s Rapid Deployment Force (RDF), you have to be able to bring to the table (even a make-do table in an airport cafe) the resources that will provide the results to solve problems and get the business.

You can use a lot of remote systems today to access the Net. Air-cards which plug into your laptop can give you access to the cellular network. You can also use many Smartphones to get access. Whatever tool you use, you want to make sure you are connected to important people. This is what Relationship Marketing is all about.

Let your agility give you a competitive advantage. Have the tools like a PDA, mobile Internet Access and more ready to turn on a dime and produce results. For my like-minded techie friends, we have to be careful. Don’t just get gadgets to get the coolest, newest things. Yes, the kids back at the tech treehouse will love it. They’ll Ooo and Ah over your newly acquired gizmo, but remember it has to pass the serious, bottom-line-oriented questioning of “Why?” to justify its purchase.

Here are some tools that can help you as you stretch those flexibility and agility muscles in your marketing mindset:

1. Mobile, Full-Internet Access. You need much more than just access to e-mail. How 20th Century! You need to check a client’s website before you see them. You need to create a quick new page for the client that you can create easily (think templates), publish to your site, and then show them rapidly. You need to check airline schedules from the gate of the airport after your flight was cancelled due to yet another mechanical. While others are waiting in line screaming and yelling for a flight, you simply visit to several travel sites and book the next flight out. No yelling. No frustration. Just smooth connections. These reasons and more are just part of why you want to have full access to the wealth on the Net.

2. PDA, Smartphone or Other Portable Connection Device. If you don’t have one of these little jewels by now, you should consider it. More than just a calendar, it is a gentle reminder to get things done. Mark MacCormack, in his book Staying Street Smart helped me when he recommended to not just have a “To Do” list but to schedule those tasks. Yes, it is nice that you need to do something. Schedule it. With a PDA, you can set an alarm and have a gentle poke in the ribs to get it done. Even though Mark didn’t use a PDA he scheduled his time and gets lots done. The PDA also gives you the ability to take notes (those portable keyboards are outstanding now!), listen to music, record audio notes (great when traveling and ideas pop into your head!), and keep track of important details for important people in your life. All of this in about 4 ounces of stuff to carry. Bottom line: Get the right PDA for you and watch your productivity and sales soar!

3. Notebook Computer. Even though you have a PDA, you still need that notebook now and then. I find I’m using mine to change my website quickly and in a customized way for clients. It used to be hard to make changes to a website. You had to wait for the web designer to make changes. Again, How 20th Century! Today smart professionals have the infrastructure in place to quickly add a customized page, make changes (text, audio and video where appropriate) and get results with clients.

4. Powerful Cell Phone. Yes, you probably have one. Today the features are incredible and small. The Treo 600 from Palm gives the power of a PDA along with a cell phone in one unit. By changing a SIM card you can use the same phone in several countries if international travel is part of what you do. If a digital camera can work for your business, get a cell phone with a built-in camera.

5. Offsite Storage. Technology today produces lots of files. When you use audio and video (and you should) for marketing, space becomes even more important. The old way of doing things meant that you carried everything with you (Altogether now, “How 20th Century!”). Today, you need a small Net-accessible device and a great web-hosting plan. You can store your files on the web hosting system and let them maintain your files. I’m using a hosting plan now with unlimited storage. I can store all my files (hundreds of megabytes and approaching gigabytes of data) on their server, let them manage it and take care of everything. I just access the files I need. No more worry about backup, etc. And yes, I keep copies of the most important files in an easily accessible place.

You’ve got to stay flexible. As General Patton taught us don’t think in terms of permanent fortifications. Think flexibility. Think agility so you can have “anywhere marketing” work for you.

Somehow I think General Patton would be proud!

Terry Brock is an international marketing coach and professional speaker who works with businesses to generate profitable results. He can be reached by e-mail at or through his website at Join the Twitter adventure with Terry through his Twitter address: @TerryBrock. Join Terry’s Facebook Fan Page at:

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