The Name of a Business Should Reflect the Mission

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There are several parts to consider when choosing a new business name – this one deals with finding the best name based on what the business stands for. First, sit down and think about what the business will be providing to customers. The products or services provided should be evident within the name. For instance, if one is selling light bulbs, something like Forsythia Products would be inappropriate. Forsythia Light Bulbs would be a little better, but with a name like that, one might think they sell only Light Bulbs that look like forsythia flowers. If the business is in a town named Forsythia, it makes more sense but limits the amount of reach the business might have.

Think about how customers will find the business, as well as how they will remember it to find it again. Dependable Light Bulbs would be a simple and direct name, as would Bright Lights When You Need Em’ or Light Up My Life. The name needs to be something memorable that describes the business easily-and hopefully, cleverly. Sit down with the list of words describing the business (from the dictionary and thesaurus) and a list of things the business will provide. Think about how the customers will react when they receive the products or services. Describe the benefits the business will provide for both customer and business owner.

From the customer’s standpoint, what might they think or feel about the products or services the business provides? What are the perceived benefits the customers will experience? This has to do with why the customer would choose one business over another: the gut reaction to the name. One of the clever names that describe a lamp business is Wizard of Odz (‘the lamp hospital’), a family-run business that has been in the area for a long time. They have pretty much everything one might need to repair a lamp, including hard to find lampshade replacements. The place is easy to find-it has a full-size wizard statue holding a lamp in the parking lot. Even though the words lamp or light are absent from the name, once someone finds it they seldom forget it.

The idea is to make it easy for customers to find the business, easy to understand what the business provides, and a fun experience. Take the time to choose the right name that fully explains the business and is memorable. Think about how the name might be portrayed in the logo (designing a logo will be covered in another article). By taking the time to really think out the name, roadblocks to a sale can be avoided.

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