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There was a time when clients hired graphic designers – more commonly referred to as commercial artists back in the day – to develop a concept, work out the design, and produce the final visuals. The client simply provided the scope of work and made decisions. However, with today’s technological advancements, many clients have gotten their hands dirty in software like Photoshop and played around with fonts to some degree. Because of this, the notion of design as a specialized skillset has been greatly diminished. Even so, design today remains as it always has been – a process of problem solving and the execution of business-driven solutions.

When a skilled designer positions your logo in a certain manner on the page, she does so for reason. When she selects a particular font, she does so for a reason. Designers utilize white space for a reason. Designers select certain color combinations for a reason. The reason in all of these cases is to communicate effectively and to maintain brand integrity for the benefit of your business. A good designer can back up his aesthetic choices with fact and theory. It’s also true that any designer you hire will bring his own style and experience to your project and not every designer is a good match for every project. When you make the decision to hire a specific designer, his individual style should play a huge part in why you hire him. Keep this in mind throughout the design process and remain aware that this is the style you chose and this is the style that you are going to get. A good client sets personal taste aside and focuses on making sound business decisions. A good designer gets past technology and implements sound design principles.

The old adage that someone knows “just enough to be dangerous” really holds true in this age of blurred lines between computer graphics and smart design. The worst thing that you, as the client, can do is to dictate aesthetic things like fonts and colors and positioning. The less you know about such things, the better off you will be in turning out a successful design project.

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