The Law of Contrast

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– The Law of Contrast is the oldest salesman trick in the book. Salespeople use this law so much…because IT WORKS!

– Lets pretend that you are down at the car dealership. You told the car salesman what type of car you are interested in buying. He tells you that he has three cars that you may like. He will start by showing you the cheapest car first. The cheapest car is the car that looks the worst, has the least amount of features, drives the worst, etc. Then, he will show you the “OK” car; this car is better than the first car. It looks nicer, drives smoother, has more features, etc. Then you and the car salesman get to the final car. This car is the car that he planned to sell you when you told him about what type of car you were interested in buying. This car looks the nicest, it is the newest, it has the most features and it is the most expensive. You will of course realize that this car is the best and you this is the car that if you buy any of the cars will usually buy.

– (Also real estate agents use the law of contrast just as much, or more than car salespeople do.)

– the reverse way of exploiting the Law of Contrast is if you want something. Maybe you want your parents to buy you something. Instead of just straight asking for it. You show them two or three things. And you make sure that the thing that you want is the least expensive. And the two other items are much more expensive.

– For example, “Mom! I really need a new shirt and this store has great shirts and good prices! Look at this shirt…it is the most amazing shirt that I have ever seen. The price is only $200. Or maybe this shirt… it is really nice as well and the price is a little bit cheaper. It is only $100. Or what do you think about this one? (Wait and let her give you an answer – and this is the shirt that you want her to buy for you.) It is only $50 dollars. Could you buy me a shirt? – of course she is going to buy you the cheapest shirt because she doesn’t want to spend so much money when she could get away with just spending a little. – this is another way to exploit the law of contrast.

– I use the law of Contrast often when trying to get people to buy direct sales from me online. When I meet them… I first show them a very expensive direct sales program that they can purchase. And after I have told them and shown them that one, I show them a much cheaper program that they can buy and then I make the sale by using the law of Contrast. It works every time!

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