The Importance of a Logo

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The goal of a logo is to immediately jog your memory and remember a product and company. If you can develop a famous logo, this is ideal for a product. Famous logos are most valued, and are generally simple, attractive, and interesting.

It seems like a logo is just a simple thing, so how hard can they be to come up with? Surprisingly, it’s quite hard to establish a logo in the public perception. It generally takes years of effort and millions of dollars to get the public to recognize and associate a logo correctly.

The importance of logos cannot be overestimated. Think of how many different brands and products there are out there. Now think of how many brands really stand out. If you have a truly famous logo, you can recognize it anywhere in the world, and language is no barrier.

Take the Pepsi logo. Its blue and red ball is recognized around the globe. If the name Pepsi were written in another language, it would not matter.

Ideally you can identify a logo without having to see the name of the company or product. A well branded and successful logo has this level of recognition.

When a logo is designed, a great deal of planning goes into this. Logos are planned to precisely reflect the name of the brand and the nature of the company. It should resonate with customers of all age groups.

All of this work and planning doesn’t come cheap. The famous logos you are so familiar with cost thousands of dollars just to design. You’ll notice that they also tend to use a stylish font and vibrant colors.

Famous logos have high visual impact. They have a feel of the qualities of the product, and also somehow reflect the corporate philosophy.

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