The Green Supply Chain

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Today’s economy is turning more toward green living. The need for sustainable resources is more evident, especially where issues like gas prices and water conservation are such hot button topics. The trend to “go green” is a logical one and a sensible choice for businesses and firms. Having a green supply chain is attractive to consumers, and can open up business relationships that will be long-standing and beneficial for the firm, as well as their distributors and vendors. Green suppliers used to mean organic grocery stores, but now it applies to many industries.

Not only does it help firms to deliver green product to their consumers, but it can also benefit the firms to go green themselves. There are government programs that give incentives to firms who choose to have green offices or production centers. Companies can receive tax cuts and other breaks for operating green centers and producing green products. While the initial purchase of the equipment necessary to become a green company is expensive, the financial rebates make it worthwhile to firms. Using green energy to power offices and factories, such as solar energy for example, can save a company money on their energy bills. That added money can go to employees or product development.

Having a green supply chain also sends a very positive message to potential business partners and consumers alike. It shows a company who is concerned for the well-being of the planet and the futures of the people who live there. It demonstrates a firm that cares about the environment and doing the best they can not to damage it. This kind of supply chain also shows a concern for the health and well-being of the consumers buying the product. It makes consumers feel that they are more than just faceless drones targeted by an ad campaign. Consumers like companies to show them that they are viewed as more than just numbers.

Going green is a healthy way to live. Companies who jump on the train can earn financial rewards and returns for their effort, but can also see a large rise in product sales. With so many industries exploring the green market, it won’t be long before ninety percent of the worlds largest companies are going green, and creating green products for consumers. Not only is going green a healthy and energy-efficient way to live, but it is also a great way to work, as well.

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