The Effects of Water and Fire to Your Paper Carrier Bags

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To be able to effectively protect your paper carrier bags, it is imperative that you know the factors that usually cause serious damage to them. In doing so, you may then carry out the necessary steps on how you can maximize the lifespan of each of your bag.

The two common elements that contribute to the early demise of bags are water and fire.


Paper, which is of course the main material used for paper bags, is made of cellulose fiber. Cellulose fiber has the distinct characteristic of absorbing moisture from the air and in direct contact with water and wet objects.

Whenever your paper bag is exposed to moist conditions or when it gets wet, water gets easily absorbed and the bond between fiber to fiber inside the paper weakens due to the presence of moist and water. Shortly thereafter, the whole paper bag will lose its overall strength leading to its disintegration.

Leading paper carrier bags like know this very well, that’s why to minimize the destruction brought about by moisture, the paper bag is treated with a varnish finish. Treated paper restricts water absorption by up to 80% hence the durability of the paper carrier bag is increased dramatically. That being said, continued exposure to moist environments and direct contact with water will still cause the bag to deteriorate over time.

Needless to say, you must make sure that your paper carrier bags are not exposed to wet conditions and never get in contact with water.

Fire/ Heat

Another characteristic of paper is its property to burn easily. Even small children know this but why is this so? Again, the cellulose fiber within the paper is the reason. Paper, as we know, is made out of pulp from plants. Originally, cellulose acts as the energy storage for plants. After the long paper manufacturing process, the composition of cellulose remains the same meaning the stored energy is retained even after much physical transformation. Hence, once paper starts to burn it will continue to do so until all of the stored energy is spent.

This is the simplest and yet a thorough explanation of why paper burns so fast and why it won’t stop burning until the whole of it turns to ashes. For added protection, manufacturers also treat the paper used for production of carrier bags. As a result, the paper carrier bags you buy can withstand burning to a certain degree like cigarette burns or direct exposure to sunlight. But again, care must be given so that these paper bags do not get exposed to too much heat.

The fact that paper has rudimentary nature compared to other materials may make it seem very impractical to manufacture into carrier bags but these very same properties may it perfect for simple and light hand bags and more importantly very environment friendly. Should you be interested in getting yourself one of these wonderful paper carrier bags, please visit this site: printed carrier bags

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