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In the branding process Recognition Building is a very complex task. You are given many alternative ways to build recognition, but you must always begin from inside an organisation and later start working towards the outside world, the competition and the customers.

Corporate Overview
Every company must have a brief paragraph about the company. It should be an overview of the business, how it all began, and what keeps it going today. The overview must be of a encouraging and positive nature, and should build confidence with consumers, so they will develop the idea that you company is excellent to do business with.

Suppose your company is supporting a non-profit cancer research organization. You want to let the world know about it. This is where a corporate overview comes into play. When available, corporate overviews are being read by the audience very well. An overview should be ready-to-read on websites, in brochures and in press releases.

What is Your Personality?
By nature, your personality and your brand should have a lot in common. Beware, your personality should not override your brand. Your personality It shows already in your company. In case, for example, you have a negative connotation regarding the color red and your company logo or an advertisement looks excellent in that color, you might consider a personality-check and find out how it could be negatively interfering with the company or its brands.

For a lot of companies it may be wise to employ a brand manager to avoid conflicting situations between personalities and company or brands. A company’s image should be founded on positive impact for the company, on what appeals to its customers and on what sells. Your own personality cannot and should not be of any influence for your brands.

Now some people claim that “you are your brand”, and that who you are shines off on your brand. This is, however, a risky theory. Suppose you cannot longer be there, what’ will then be the value of the brand? This dilemma is of all times, your personality is both the strength and the weakness of your brand if this theory would stand.

To avoid the risks involved, the best solution is employing a branding manager. This professional will create the right company or personality image with well-balanced viewpoints. A branding manager will sometimes act as a police officer cop not allowing any personalities to interfere.

In creating a brand you need must absolutely be consistent. Consistency should be all around and in everything that you do. Remember that the brand is your corporate image, and lack of consistency will have a negative impact on investors, suppliers, staff and – last but not least – your consumers. The core question you must always ask yourself is: do you at any given time always deliver everything to your promised your customers? If the answer to this question is not always yes, then you know you’ve got a lot of work waiting ahead.

Delivery must be consistent. Always.

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