The Effective Salesperson’s 3 Step Guide to Getting Referrals

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There are many ways to grow your business, but the effective salesperson knows that one of the best ways is to get referrals from the people that know what you can provide. One benefit of this type of referral marketing is you can choose to reward the behaviour that you want the most. Think of your dream clients. They probably have friends and associates that you might want to help, and who is better to refer you than someone they already know and trust?

Here are three steps to help the effective salesperson ask for referrals:

1. Reach out to the employees: Now more than ever, the decision makers in a business are not the principals of the company. It’s the front line workers who are using the products, and they can sway the influence in your favour. Talk to them and find out what their needs are. Then find a way to give it to them. Once the effective salesperson has shown them that they can take care of their needs, these workers will likely be more comfortable in giving the names of good contacts in the same industry. And if they aren’t able to give any contacts, you can probably feel safe in providing them with contact information they can give to their connections – which will probably be accompanied with a strong reference. The key is you have to ask for the referral.

2. Speak to the Professionals: When the effective salesperson uses any professional service, either at home or at work, they find a way to provide the professional with referrals – but only if the effective salesperson is confident in the professional’s competence. Accountants, lawyers, and even plumbers are more than likely in need of a few new customers, and if provided with quality referrals they will be more inclined to do the same back for you. Once you have referred someone to them, follow up with a quick call to let them know who you have referred. This way they can build on the trust that your client has in you, as well as make the connection that this business came from you. Ask them occasionally if they know anyone that might be a good fit for your service, and work together to grow your businesses.

3. Talk to your customers: The effective salesperson knows to continue the conversation with the customer long after the sale has been made. Regular communications is part of an ongoing service program, and asking for referrals is acceptable, providing the effective salesperson has delivered a level of service that impressed the client.

There are services available that will let you buy referrals, but these can be quite expensive and it can be very difficult to convert them from suspect to prospect. Home grown referrals can help you skip a few steps between suspect and very satisfied customer – but only if the effective salesperson asks for the referral.

The effective salesperson considers the referral as a gift from a friend, and should treat the referral that way. If they aren’t grateful for the gift, it’s unlikely they will see another in the future.

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