The Direct Response Technique of Advertising

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1. Call attention to your product.

There is an unlimited number of ways to call attention to your product or business. You might take out print advertising in the traditional way, or you might opt for the more cutting edge viral video. Whichever medium you use, be sure that your advertising is clearly visible to many people. Your merchandise should be prominently displayed in the advertising. If your product is more of a service or an intangible item, there should be something to represent it that is used in every ad. It may be a slogan, an image, or a song.

Put your product center stage and make sure your audience sees it. The first step of direct response advertising in any business is to place it in the limelight. You can only work on selling when people know that your ‘thing’ exists.

2. Arouse the interest of your target audience.

Once people are aware of your product, the next step in direct response advertising is to get them interested. Use images that tickle the imagination and cause people to be thinking about what they see long after the commercial is over. Make your ad is outrageous, flashy, heartwarming, or beautiful. Whatever it takes to grab your audience’s attention is fine.

Show your target audience what your product can do for them and how it can improve their lives. Show them how prestigious it is, or how thrifty they are for buying it. Get them interested on a personal level so they cannot help but think of your merchandise in terms of their own lives. When they make that connection, they are only a small step away from buying it immediately.

3. Make a call to action.

The thing that gives direct response advertising its name is the call to action. You need to suggest a course of action for the consumer to take after seeing, hearing, or reading your advertisement. More than a suggestion, really, you tell them exactly what to do next.

The direct response that you request might be to take an attached coupon and buy the product at a local store, or it could be to mention a phrase with the business name when shopping to receive a discount. You might simply ask them to follow you on Facebook or Twitter or visit your website by clicking a link in your online advertising copy. Whatever you want the consumer to do, make it clear to them. If you construct your direct response advertising campaign correctly, you will be able to measure its effect on your business precisely.

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