The Different Varieties of Logo Designs: Iconic, Illustrative and Textual Logo Designs

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There are basically a few types of logo designs namely iconic, textual, illustrative, and a combination of those three. Depending on the nature of the business and the creative direction which the client wants, the type of logo can be selectively chosen to suit the necessary requirements. These days, more and more businesses prefer to have a simple but eye-catching logo instead of a complicated and loud one.

Iconic logo designs are popular with many individuals as it is able to succinctly describe the company in a singular, straightforward visual representation. Most well-known brands currently in the market use iconic logos to represent their companies. It could be as simple as a silhouette or an outline or even an abstract geometrical shape, nothing overtly complicated but the design should be stripped down to the basics. This simplicity can be a plus as potential customers can gravitate to an iconic logo design better compared to a complicated one with shadows and 3D textures. An iconic logo is also popular as it can lower the cost of printing with its simplified design. Moreover, an iconic logo can be transferred to a variety of media as it is often scaleable.

Logo designs in textual forms are also gaining popularity. Logo designs such as these serve a dual purpose in informing the customers of the name of the company while providing something visual for them to remember the company by. A whole lot of creativity is needed for a textual logo to prevent it from being too boring or monotonous. Tweaking the position of the texts and creating a whole new font type are some of the methods to bring the textual logo design to a whole new level.

Illustrative logos involving cartoon characters, fancy imageries or mascots are more suitable to represent companies or businesses that are more fun and creative in nature. Brands targeting children or food aficionados also use illustrative logos. Typically, most sports teams in schools utilize mascot designs to front their sports teams. Care should be taken that sometimes overtly illustrative logo might be a turn-off for most people as it could verge on being gaudy and tasteless.

All in all, the direction of the logo design depends on how the logo is used in order to determine the type of format to follow. It is also best to understand the core business and the target audience of the company to get a logo that would be a perfect fit.

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