The Best Strategy to Stand Out in an Exhibition

April 20, 2009 by  Filed under: Marketing 

In business, exhibitions are considered one of the best ways to reach out to your audience. Exhibitions are usually set up to target a specific market and it also allows organizations to showcase their product or service. Nevertheless, it is a very competitive event as you are pitted and compared to all other organizations offering a similar product or service. It can make or break you without the proper preparations.

How do you stand out against your competitors? More importantly, how do you prove to your audience that you are just as good as the big fishes in the market? With the right preparation, you may be able to prove yourself just as worthy as the market leader at even a better price.

As taught in every business school or marketing class, “image is everything.” More often than not, most products and services are not that different. The only difference between a market leader in the industry and the rest may be the impression that the market has established on the organization. Thus, it is important to establish a good image of your business or organization in an exhibition. If you have a start-up company, it could be your big chance to get a good first impression for your business.

How do you build a good impression? It is essential that all the materials you use to present your business is made from quality materials with good design. Scrimping on your displays, banners, or brochures gives a semblance of fly-by-night businesses with very limited goals. It also shows that the organization may not value excellence. When attending exhibitions or conferences, prepare way ahead of time by visualizing a booth that will attract attention and will show professionalism. An attractive booth will have displays, signstands, background, and brochures in a theme that complements each other. The printing should be impeccable while showcasing the best that your company can offer. Highlight your company’s strengths and edge over other competitors in your banners and display signs.

It is also important to prepare everything early on before the exposition. Choose a signwriter who is reliable and one with a good track record. There could be signwriters who will show you beautiful samples or good prices, but they may not have the diligence or experience to deliver on time or provide flawless final products.

To stand out, you need to stand up and do the work. Success in any field requires hard work and focus. It has no place for mediocrity nor indolence.

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