The Benefits of LED Lightboxes

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Lightboxes are generally acknowledged as a very effective advertising medium. It’s something about the combination of light and colour that attracts the potential customer’s eye and makes them more receptive to the image. Market research has shown over and over again that lightboxes get better results than the same advertising images do without the illumination.

Where to use lightboxes
The potential uses of LED lightboxes, or the traditional fluorescent ones, are endless:

  • Use them at point of sale to promote a product. Bar sales of a particular drink at nightclubs are shown to rise when a lightbox advertisement is displayed near the bar, helping customers to make up their mind more quickly and very often in favour of the advertised brand.
  • Use them in store windows to promote a new product or service. Sales typically increase when a well designed lightbox display brings customers in. One market research project found a 30% better conversion rate when lightboxes were used to market a bank’s new product than when the same poster was displayed without the illumination.
  • Use them at a service counter to inform customers of the available services, helping them to decide more quickly, speeding up the service and lessening queues.

Choosing the right lightbox
So how do you decide which sort of lightbox will be best for your business? The first choice is between fluorescent and LED lightboxes. While the old style fluorescent ones are still available and function well, LED lightboxes have several specific benefits that make them well worth investing in:

  • They consume less electricity than the old fluorescent lightboxes, cutting your energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • They last longer: 50,000 to 80,000 hours as opposed to the 10,000 to 20,000 hours of fluorescent ones. This reduces maintenance and cuts the cost of replacing bulbs or tubes considerably.
  • They light up very quickly to optimal brightness, without any flickering.
  • LED lightboxes can be significantly thinner in profile than fluorescent lightboxes, taking up less space and looking more elegant.

LED lightboxes now come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and a variety of formats including custom sizes, so it makes sense to get the advice of a signage product expert, who will be able to find the right lightbox for your exact requirements: indoor or outdoor usage, single or double sided and so on. Once you’ve invested in some sturdy, low-maintenance LED lightboxes, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of this appealing and eye-catching advertising medium for years.

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