The Advantages of Small Scale Commercial Printing

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We now live in a world where paperless transactions are preferred over conventional methods. The internet boom has resulted in communications from messages to advertisements being sent online as against being hand delivered to your door steps. This has caused a significant drop in the demand for printed materials resulting in the closure of quite a few large scale commercial printers. Nevertheless, the demand for things like invitations, calling cards and leaflets are still there smaller in number yet remaining to be present. Though modern technology contributed to the slight decline in commercial printing, it has however introduced digital printing that opened the doors to small scale commercial printing that is on a steady rise and is proving to be a lucrative source of income for a number of enterprising individuals. Below are a few good reasons why one would venture into what is now known as small scale commercial printing.

Low start up cost

The equipment needed to start a small scale commercial printing business just involves the purchase of good quality digital printing machines like ink jet printers and plotters often used for tarpaulin printing that is a growing market. The cost for the purchase of such machinery may only be in the hundred dollar range as oppose to the thousand dollar range for the conventional large scale printing equipment. Ink, paper and other materials needed may also be bought in small volumes making them cheaper and easier to buy that the required big volume purchases for large scale printers. Existing computers that you already have can be upgraded and be utilized for the business avoiding the need to acquire additional equipment. Furthermore, since the material and equipment necessities are limited then it follows that only a small office space will be required. One may even consider the use of their garage or a space in their backyard further saving on the rent. Small scale business also equates to lesser manpower needed. Family members can even be considered as employees that can yet again lower the cost of starting up the venture.

Low overhead and maintenance cost

Compared to the big machinery usually involved with large scale commercial printing, the maintenance of printing equipment used in small printing business is very minimal and by far less costly. A technically-inclined owner can even venture into doing the maintenance themselves thereby saving yet again from high technician fees. The ink cost for printers and plotters have also noticeable became cheaper compared to their price before. Since you will also have lesser employee then the overhead cost of salaries and benefits will also be notably cut. All of these reductions are not possible with a conventional sized printing business enterprise.

Low order requirements

One distinct advantage that small scale commercial printing can offer its slowly but steadily growing clientele is its ability to accept small order jobs as against the bulk order requirements of big printing companies. Actually small orders are even preferred since aside from deadlines required by the customer being easily met, one can even charge them a higher rate per piece but which they will find still much cheaper than going for large scale printers.

If you are in the market for a small manageable business to augment your current income then small scale commercial printing may just be the thing that you are looking for.

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