The Advantages of a Trade Show Display Rental For Exhibitors

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Using a trade show display rental is very often the best choice for the average exhibitor. Unless your budget is quite large and you have access to excellent exhibit designs, and display fabricators, you should seriously consider using a rental.

Besides the fact that the design and construction is handled in-house by technicians who do this every day for a living, there are many other benefits to consider. Take, for example the storage and transporting of your display.

Suppose your schedule is heavy with convention after convention and your displays must be moved across the country or even around the world. This can become a logistical nightmare, fraught with the very likely possibility that something will get lost or damaged.

Then there is the issue of display cases. Many times this lowly component is overlooked as insignificant, though in reality it is very important. The cases help protect, organize and facilitate set up and break down. They even can be part of the display, if planned correctly.

If you need a display in Hong Kong, Brussels, New York and Los Angeles, no problem. The supplier will often have offices and warehouses in major convention cities, and can get your exhibit where it needs to be, on time and in one piece.

Because so much of this work takes place at night or on weekends, make sure that the rental company has 24/7 customer service. It can be maddening to need service and then discover, too late, that the company will not be open until Monday or in the morning.

A huge advantage is the fact that displays are often subject to hard use and can become worn and damaged, in which case the rental company takes care of the problem. Like the rental car that gets driven hard, you just use it and move on.

A critical consideration is the budget, as previously was mentioned. Most companies are on a very limited budget and in a global competition with some formidable adversaries. This lack of financing severely limits the options of most display designs.

By using a modular approach in designing the display you can work with the rental company to customize your own brand and logo into the exhibit. This is great because the pieces can be mixed and matched, added on to in the future and easily moved around during the show and still look great.

Renting a display is quite similar to renting a house; there are advantages and disadvantages. A major difference, however, is that you most likely will not keep the display for 30 years! In fact, you probably will be drastically changing the look and feel of your logo and color scheme sooner, rather than later.

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