The 4 Cs of Marketing – Do You Have Them All in Place?

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The 4 Cs of Marketing

What would you do with a table that had 3 legs? Throw is away right? Or imagine you car only had 3 wheels. What would happen? Well, apart form getting called an Idiot for buying it in the first place. Quite clearly, it would not go where you want it to go. For your business to move forward, and to do so at a massive rate you need to have the 4 Cs of marketing in place

The other day I was watching a recorded webinar on Magnetic Sponsoring’s What’s Working Now by Diane Hochman.

Here, she went over the fabled 4 Cs of marketing, and more precisely the ‘4 Cs of Internet marketing’. So what are they? Read on and you will find out.

1. Collect

First and foremost, you will not succeed if you don’t have an audience. No audience= no business. You need to get yourself and your message in front of as many people as possible. For a beginner this can be difficult.

I would recommend choosing 2-3 strategies and working constantly at them for 90 days. Then change if need be.

There are free strategies such as blogging, social media and forum marketing. In addition, there are paid strategies that may yield quicker results such as Facebook PPC or solo ads to name a few.

2. Capture

The first of the 4 Cs of marketing involves getting your message in front of a huge audience. This is one thing, but it will all be rendered pointless if you cannot capture the audience’s information. This means their name, email and possibly phone number.

Some people design their own capture pages. Others use Optmize press to help them. The best capture page out there right now is Empower Network and its members get three of them for FREE!

3. Communicate

Everyone has heard that they need to build a list. But the fortune is in the follow-up. Leads are people and should be treated as such; with respect and integrity. Not just as dollar signs.

You will need a good auto responder such as Aweber in place and create a series of follow up emails. People generally do not buy on the first mail. It may take 5-10 or many more before they decide to buy from you.

And even if the do not join your primary, do the third C, Communicate well, and they are more likely to buy from you in other offers you promote.

4. Closing

Having all the previous 3 marketing Cs in place will be meaningless if you cannot close. You cannot hide behind the computer screen forever and you will need to speak to people face to face or at least on the phone.

Many people are scared of this but it is a fear that you will need to overcome if you want to make money in this business.

The 4 Cs of Marketing

So there you have it. Have these ‘4 Cs of marketing’ in place and balanced and your business will explode. If you would like to learn more tricks and tips on making money online, just get in touch with me.

To your success!

Adam Payne

I am a professional network marketer form England, but based in Japan. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to connect.

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