The 3 Reasons Why Your Retail Signage Isn’t Working

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Retail signage is a very popular, low cost method of advertising. However, when done wrong it can harm sales not help them. This short article with give you the advice you need to improve your sales.

The first and most important use of a retail sign is for promoting a product or service. For example, a banner on top of a local restaurant promoting a 2 for 1. Or a store front sign promoting a loyalty card for regular shoppers. The key thing to remember about retail signs and retail signage in general is that it exists solely to fulfill your objectives. Whether they are getting more customers through the door or increasing awareness for your new promotion. Your sign isn’t there to look nice, it’s your salesman and you should treat it as such. Too many businesses fail to realise this and in turn lose sales and waste money on useless signs.

The second major error in retail signage is the wrong materials. If you are looking to create a sign advertising a 6 month long promotion and it will be placed in your shop window. Don’t print it on inkjet paper! It will fade and lose its sparkle almost instantly in the sun. The materials you choose for you signage should match the job in hand. Use the right materials for the right situations. You also don’t want a carefully crafted massive vinyl banner when you only need a certain sign for a small period of time such as a week. Choose your materials to match the job. Too expensive a material and you lose money, too cheap and you lose sales.

The third and final design mistake is too much in too small a space. The average person views a sign for less than 2 seconds. They don’t have time to read pages of information. You need to sum up your message in as few words as you possibly can. This is very important and is one of the main reasons you’re retail signage is losing you sales. Just take a look around your competitors, the chances are if they are failing with any of these three mistakes you can gain an edge on them. Don’t delay, the right retail signage pays for itself.

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