The 3 Basic Managerial Skills For Effective Decision-Making

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Managerial skills are vital for an executive responsible for the performance of a major segment of an organization, or even of the whole organization itself. Not anybody can be in this top-level management post, by all means. The tasks involved in management are crucial and has to be handled by a competent and capable individual. A manager is basically a decision-maker, and being so, he or she must possess the necessary managerial skills.

The 3 Basic Managerial Skills

Technical skills – a manager has to be capable of using the techniques, method and equipment needed to perform and accomplish appropriate tasks within the organization. Specialized knowledge and analytical ability are part of effective technical skills. Technical managerial skills are largely developed by on- the- job training programs.

Human skills – a manager has to have the ability to foster positive business and interpersonal relationships. This of course includes being able to work effectively with others, not only in a business-like manner, but with a personal touch as well. A manager is a person in authority and high position, but he or she must have a sense of feeling for others and appreciate the rights of the subordinates. How a manager interacts with subordinates, equals and superiors signify their human skills. The ability to motivate others falls under the category of managerial human skills. Human skills entail a manager to be aware of his/her own attitudes, beliefs and assumptions about other individuals and groups. In the same way, he/she understands and fully utilizes the usefulness and limitations of these feelings.

Conceptual skills – this managerial skill is essential in decision-making wherein the manager is able to see the whole organization or enterprise as a distinct unit of operation. Conceptual skills of a manager enable him or her to clearly understand the nature of a problem before taking steps to finding solutions. Managerial conceptual skills allow a manager to recognize the relation and dependence of the various functions of the organization to one another. He or she realizes that one part affects all the others. The manager can visualize the relationship of the individual business to the concerned industry, to the community and the social, political and economic forces of the nation entirely.

Are managerial skills innate or learned? Education, training and experience enable a manager to develop the necessary skills for the job, but the significance of core values cannot be disregarded. A manager manages process, but to be fully effective, managerial skills need to be incorporated with leadership skills. Managerial skills are better implemented when powered by leadership skills.

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