The 10 Best Ways to Attract More Customers

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Just how do you attract more customers to your business? You’ve stocked your shelves and are ready for opening day, all prepared and ready for your target customers to show up. The first few days may go crazy, as everyone wants to check out the newly opened shop; but have you really done enough of the right marketing to maintain your visitor footfall? Maybe you’re wondering how you can increase your revenue, other than dropping your prices.

Having a particular marketing strategy may work for a while, but the most long lasting results are achieved by using and alternating a variety of different lead-generating methods. This mix will continue to keep your customers engaged, interested and most importantly spending. A blend of traditional and more technological tactics may just do the trick.

Here are 10 effective ways how to attract more customers that could be adopted for your business:

1. Keep your Database updated – Never fail to send complimentary newsletters or promotional offers to your existing clients, but exert more sales pitches to inactive customers or infrequent buyers.

2. Give a prize – Competitions never fail to draw customers, which can directly turn into revenues. The larger the prize the more interest you’ll get. Not only would you have fun at your “shop event” but you also acquire the contact details and hearts of new visitors to your shop.

3. Focus on the Date – did you know that biggest shop takings days are 1st-5th and 15th -20th days of the month? Whether you manage a shop or have an online business, focus your marketing efforts on those days of the month. Most people get paid around the 15th or at the end of the month. They tend to spend a big fraction of their income within the 5 days after receiving it.

4. Leave gift certificates blank – Provide flexibility on your gift certificates by leaving them undated and unnamed. Placing a space for the recipient’s name on the card voids the option of re-gifting it. The expiry date should also be omitted. Most people tend to forget redeeming their certificates until a few days before expiring. Leaving it clean from name and date makes it valid for a long time and there wouldn’t be any wastage on your part.

Picking it up in the store but purchasing it online. If your business has its own website, allow your customers to pay for their purchases online. Acknowledge the payment by printing out a receipt and let your customer collect the item from the nearest store. Having this process saves you and your customer time, and money.

5. Conduct a survey – A quick customer survey keeps you aware of what is happening in your business. You may also discover that products you thought would work for your target market will not work as you planned and that you are wasting resources.

6. Tap the powers of positive buzz – The most effective way to build your reputation is word-of-mouth. The first simple step is to give outstanding service to customers. Businesses usually get crippled because of lack of proper customer service. If you treat your customers with a personal touch, people will get to know that you’re reputable enough to conduct business with.

7. Social Networking – This is an extension of word-of mouth referrals. Many businesses are still not engaged in any form of social networking and believe it is just for bored teenagers. Wrong! Social networking is proving to be an ever growing and powerful influencer for businesses. Don’t dismiss it, look around you. Many businesses are now using Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to actively and regularly engage with their customers. Be it the announcement of a new product, new stock on the shelves, a promotional offer or event. Social networking is a valuable tool to attract more customers and connect with them regularly for little effort and low expense. In addition, search engines like Google actively use business social network sites to search for relevant information, so it is a great way to help boost your website position too.

8. Use YouTube – No longer just a place to view ridiculous videos, but the fastest growing area for Google (yes Google own YouTube!) Upload a tour of your shop or business facility, show your customers what you do and how you do it, make video product reviews and user guides, record and upload customer testimonials, showcase an event or promotion, the list is endless. You can link it to your website, share on Facebook, Twitter or G+. The best bit is that Google LOVES video and actively searches for information on YouTube, it is a great way to get your company, products and services noticed quickly and will help boost your website if you have one.

9. Make alliances – Business Networking is still a great source of customers. Start networking by helping others develop their business and make your relationship more personal. You will find that they will then do the same for you. What’s more, you share leads with businesses who are network members keeping them from competing with you. Developing a joint venture partner can influence each other’s contacts to open new doors for each other.

10. Go out and meet people – People who are more likely to remain loyal are those you deal with personally or are referred by existing customers. Generally, these people are those who are connected to your business on a more personal level. All too often in a business to business situation, it is easy to forget this and rely on emails, mailings and phone calls to connect with their customers. Get out and visit them, they are more likely to remember your face and your services.

So there you have it the 10 best ways how to attract more customers.

Wishing you every success

Andy Terry

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By Andy Terry

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