Text Message Marketing Will Work for Your Business

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If you have been spending all of your time and money marketing to the crowded Internet space, then it might be time to test out some text message marketing. Even though text messaging is one of the oldest technologies that is still used on smart phones, it is also one of the most effective in terms of response. Recent studies are showing that 95%+ of people who gets a text message will open it up, and the redemption rate can be considerably higher than you would ever see from any online ad, direct mailer, a local coupon magazine or the newspaper…combined!

There are several ways that you can integrate text message marketing into your business, one of the easiest is to start building your list of subscribers is by running a mobile-based text to contest. We have all sent text messages to some number we’ve seen in order to enter a contest, and it’s still a reliable way to build a list of interested prospects. It is also one of the cheapest marketing tactics to get off the ground. With campaigns based on a list of fewer than 500 subscribers a text message campaign can cost hundreds less than a direct mailer campaign, but see double the redemption!

Whether you have a small store, a busy bistro or restaurant, and even an online store, you can start promoting your contest on the web, on your store receipts, in your storefront window, or on the products themselves. Once you start getting people to sign up via text message marketing, you will soon have a golden ticket of interested patrons, customers, and clients ready to buy what you have, or receive special insider deals you share. Not to mention this is a great way to honestly open up the communication channels with them, and get a better understanding of what makes them tick. Not only can you offer discounts, special and private events to them, you can launch polls, and or ask them to voice their opinions on things about your business. What other means of marketing gives you this much flexibility for the price point?

The value of this kind of marketing campaign is huge, especially if you’re finding it be a challenge getting more followers, fans, more traffic to your business or simply more sales. Even with a small list of subscribers, you will have the potential to soft sell to them over and over, which will result in more connections, engagement and more business.

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