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The road to success online is filled with failures. You can expect not to get it right the first time. Even if you have had success in one area for one product, the same methods may not work for another product. The key to achieving the best possible results comes from testing, measuring and optimising.

When you first bring your business online, you will first need to do a great deal of research to get the most favourable positioning in the search engines. As you might guess, getting traffic to your site is related to the amount of revenue you can expect your site to generate. You will need to make sure you can measure the traffic and understand where the visitors are coming from. This gives you a means to measure the results of any optimisation and adjustments you do in your bid to improve your site conversion rates.

Once you have this in place, it is just a matter of doing small changes to find out what works. These small changes could be as simple as changing the font on your website, changing the colour, moving graphics around, changing the layout above the fold (the section of the site that loads first without having to scroll). It is always surprising the impact little changes can have on your conversion rate.

This is not a quick process. You must make these small changes one at a time, and then measure the results. If you see immediate changes in your analytics, you will know if it had an effect, either good or bad. If bad, change it back to the original and test a different element. If it generates a favourable result, you will know you are on to something and can continue to adjust other areas.

Keep doing these little “tweaks” until your site is the very best it can be for your market. Once you have the site converting as well as possible, all you have to do is increase your traffic to increase your sales. At this point you may want to consider increasing your paid advertising campaigns.

Since you now know that the traffic will convert, you can afford to spend a little more on advertising because it will produce a good ROI. As with the tweaking of your website, you should do the same with your advertising campaigns. Prepare several different ads, different headlines, different banners, different ad copy. All you have to do now is test and measure to find the ads that drive the most traffic.

Once you have your ads figured out, you know what works. To increase your revenue, all you have to do is do more of what works and you will make more money. Test, measure and optimise. This system never fails to improve your business.

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