Ten Words That Sell – Make the Most of Them in Your Text Ads

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One of the most powerful tools in marketing is the prudent use of words in advertising. Judiciously used words have the power to entice and hold the attention of potential customers. This leads to either immediate sale or sales in the future, but most importantly it can establish the all important relationship between customer and brand. On the flip side words can result in the loss of potential customers and create distaste towards your product.

Using the right words in the right place under the right circumstances is key to any advertising effort, but it is especially important when ads are purely based on terminology like in the case of text ads. Text ads are common in e-mails and on the web but many marketers are only beginning to realize it’s potential. Statistics claim that text ads gain better results on search engine sites than on other websites, the explanation being that web users enter search engines looking for these ads while they fail to notice them in other websites because they simply aren’t looking for it. Using the right words can make all the difference in attracting customers to your text ad and holding their attention long enough to make a sale.

Here are ten words that will help you hone your sales vocabulary and lead to productive advertising home business.

1. FREE- this is a timeless motivator. It may sound cliché but it still works and probably will continue to work for many years to come. Sub consciously human beings just can’t seem to resist something that’s free.

2. GUARANTEE- makes a customer feel secure.

3. SAVE- this suggests that you are offering the customer an opportunity to save his money. Although in reality this may not be true, customers still react favorably to the “save whatever%” offer.

4. LIMITED- the word creates a sense of urgency that is appealing to many potential customers.

5. NEW- everyone wants to get in on what’s new. This word arouses our curiosity and never fails to deliver resulting in the phenomenon that sales spike just after the launch of a new product.

6. EXCLUSIVE- most high end brands are built on this philosophy. ‘Exclusive’ arouses the attention seeking alter ego from within.

7. PROVEN- human beings are wired to fear the unknown. If a product is tried, tested and proven it will eliminate fear and smoothen the path towards closing sale.

8. RESULTS- customers want to know what they can expect from the purchases they make.

9. IMPROVE- evolving is basic human instinct therefore consumers always react favorably to products and services that they perceive to have improved.

10. IMMEDIATE- consumers expect everything on the web to be instant, so much so that if something is not immediate, it is unacceptable.

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