Telemarketing Services And Internet Marketing: An Unexpected Partnership

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ERP software companies are just one of the many companies out there are all about using computers. In their case, they use computers to streamline all kinds of important business tasks like organizing employees, overseeing projects, and monitoring the flow of their projects.

With that said, how could they possible resist using the internet for their marketing strategies? Sending emails, making webpages featuring their products, and using advertisement banners to attract more visitors all seem very fitting for a company that sees the power of software technology.

However, it never hurts to step back and be open to the possible flaws on relying on computers too much. Make no mistake, using software to streamline the complicated tasks of enterprise management will always be a bright idea. What’s not a bright idea is the excess dependence on online methods for marketing, particularly lead generation.

First off, perhaps you should try and search some possible flaws you might need to watch out for.

One, the email marketing of today is simply the digitized form of marketing through regular mail. And what does either forms of mail have in common despite the different mediums? The answer is junk. That’s right. Surely you yourself have been the receiving end of junkmail that you would sooner throw in the trash than even glance. It’s the same with email. The only difference is that the one doing the disposing is this little thing everyone calls the spam filter. Unfortunately for you, it’ll be your turn to send mail that’s going to the trash before your prospect’s even look at the screen.

Two, with ERP software having so many different applications working under its banner, a website dedicated to explaining its features might commit the grave offense of information overload. And not only that, but chances are your site isn’t the only one vying for a prospect’s attention on the internet. You need to not only make your site unique and simplified in its approach, you also need to do a lot of internet legwork (SEO, blogging, forum posting etc).

Three, finally you have the ever dreaded threat posed by hackers. There’s no denying that they’re out there and they couldn’t care less about how you’re working so hard when they decide to destroy your site for their juvenile pleasure. This means that you have to invest some time and money in cases when you have to back up your site.

With the above flaws, it’s clear that your internet marketing plan could actually benefit from some unexpected aid in the form of offline methods. Since ERP software is a B2B-oriented industry, pairing it up with telemarketing might make for a very effective combination! Use email and then get them to make calls for more information or leave a contact number on your site. On the other hand, you could also make a call to ask them some questions, then direct them to your site if they want to know more. Either way, a phone call can be a more flexible means of controlling the amount of information exchanged between you and a prospect.

In fact, there are plenty of telemarketing services out there who also make use of internet marketing methods. How about you outsource to them so you can learn how to make this unlikely but efficient partnership of methods?

Claire Hansen works as a marketing communications program manager. She is inviting you to visit to learn more about lead generation and appointment setting for the software industry.

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