Taking the Lead in Six Sigma Projects

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Six Sigma projects are always run with the consent and cooperation of company executives. The executives are the people who call for help from the 6 Sigma Methodology. They have analyzed their company from the inside and have discovered that there may be problems with their productivity. They will call the trained and certified professionals (or have in-house employees trained and certified in the methodology) so that they can help them analyze the company internally and discuss possible solutions from a methodical standpoint.

The Black Belt level is one of the highest in the Six Sigma hierarchy of professionals. These are the people who know exactly how to use the methods to bring about the positive results they desire through organized projects powered by teamwork. They will work with the Green Belts and Yellow Belts (two levels of certification under them) to come up with solutions on how to improve the quality of service or products put out by the company in question.

It is always important for 6 Sigma projects to be led by someone who understands the methods and who can run the project successfully. The Black Belt must be able to choose the right people for the job, delegate the tasks correctly, and utilize the special talents and skills that their team members bring to the table. They must be able to listen effectively to the concerns of the company executives so that the issues they are worried about are addressed and solutions are found. Most of all, they require an expert working knowledge of the actual Six Sigma Methodology.

The Green Belts who are there to assist the Black Belts in finding solutions for the company’s issues should also be well qualified for the position. They should be able to participate in the discussions, also bringing up ideas and suggestions for the improvement of quality. Some of the Green Belt professionals are knowledgeable enough in Six Sigma methods to lead a team of their own on a small project, if they were so asked. Often, they are the ones who are asked because the Black Belts who they have trained and worked with will know their capabilities.

Typically, however, the Green Belt professional will work under the guidance of the Black Belt, who will not only put the project together but also monitor its progress. Once the project has been completed, it is time to monitor the results of the changes to make sure they are improving the company quality. When the Six Sigma project results are being observed, it is easier to see whether or not the plan was successful in improving the overall quality of the company.

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