Custom Wristbands Meet Smart Phones – QR Code Wristbands Debut

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You have probably seen them around – little barcodes popping up in surprising places, at your local coffee shop, in magazines, on flyers and coupons, even on badges and articles of clothing. For those with smart phones (an ever growing population of more than 80 million as of July 2011) (read on...)

Why Are Wristbands Essential in Our Current Entertainment Venues and Events?

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Security, verification of authenticity and infrastructure management are essential when planning or hosting an event. Recently, we have seen the old ticket stub replaced by wristbands. In this article I will attempt to explain the fundamental differences and reasons for this change. The first (read on...)

The Best Way To Promote Your Business at a Festival

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As a business owner, if you are looking for promotional items to pass out during a festival, or outdoor event, making sure that you use the right promotional items is something to consider, prior to having several items printed out for the festival. When you are looking for the best way to (read on...)

Importance of Name Tag Holders

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Generally, at meetings or at events like parties where you have to start the conversation with other people whom you do not know, name tags help in fostering the connection between you and others. Trying to learn new names at once put strain on conversation where people are not familiar with each (read on...)

Silicone Wristbands As a Great Marketing Tool

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Silicone wristbands are becoming one of the most popular marketing tools out there. You wouldn’t think so when you look at them for the first time. A wristband is a hard, heat resistant band made out of pure silicone with some text or simple images on it. Wristbands are great marketing (read on...)

Wristbands – Perfect for Events, Festivals, Benefits and More

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All event planners understand and feel the stress of putting together an event and know that it takes hard work, attention to every detail and a lot of organization in order to have a successful event. Whether you are planning a small company benefit or organizing a large music show for a (read on...)

Powerful Merchandise Marketing Tactics: Lanyards, Wristbands, Promotional Pens and Gifts

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Promotional merchandise is powerful marketing tool to for any business, small or large. There are many different promotional tools, from Lanyards to wristbands; branded pens to corporate – gifts the possibilities are endless. Branded products increase the amount of brand awareness your (read on...)

Choosing the Right Wristband for Your Large Event

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When you are planning to have an event with a huge number of people, you may want everyone to wear a wristband. Wristbands are very helpful for crowd control, being able to identify the guests, or just to use them for promotional items with a message. The wristbands are available in wide ranges (read on...)

Marketing on a Budget – Wristbands & Other Tips

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With the economy straining businesses, marketing budgets are growing smaller and smaller. Needless to say, marketing is quintessential; being absent from the market is not an option for many businesses. Besides using traditional marketing and advertising mediums (that are often very expensive), (read on...)

Business Advertising With Rubber Wristbands

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Silicone wristband are an useful advertising item, accessible in single or bulk quantity which are completely customizable with your brand name or slogan, a well-liked choice for business advertising on every scale. Every business or organization can use these cost-effective bands to promote (read on...)