Three Keys to Relationship Selling

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People are constantly and continually barraged by other people trying to sell them a product or service. New technology which educates, entertains, and brings us closer means that solicitations – letters, email, internet, catalogs and flyers, phone messages, etc. – occur around the (read on...)

What You Should Know When You Are First Promoted!

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Congratulations, you just received your first management promotion. Depending on your organization, you will be provided with the basic training necessary for you to achieve reasonable success in your new position within an allotted time period. That’s right, there is a specific date in the (read on...)

Employee and Management Relationships – 5 Ways to ‘Win-Win’

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For workplace relationships to be effective, there has to be a benefit that both sides achieve, or the interaction is always going to be an uphill challenge, with neither side ultimately fully satisfied. Indeed there is no overall value when one side deems themselves to be the (read on...)

Management Tactics – No Winners With Win-Lose Or Lose-Win

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The relationships that we make as managers with our people are the invaluable partnerships that enable us to deliver much more than we could alone. The teams of individuals we bring together synergize to create results that are far more than the sum of the parts. When we manager others, (read on...)