Web Marketing: Five Ways to Market Your Website Online

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If you own a website, you know how hard it can be getting traffic to your site. Without traffic a website is virtually useless, which is why every webmaster seeks additional ways to get traffic for their site. If you have been having trouble getting visitors to come to your website, here are five (read on...)

How to Improve Your Online Campaigns With Split Testing

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Web marketing can be easy or complicated, affordable or expensive. While companies can easily claim that they have a marketing consultant or a marketing department, how many of them really know what an effective online marketing strategy is? Sometimes, the efficiency of your campaign depends on (read on...)

How to Get Great Results From Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

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With internet technology becoming an integral part of the daily lives of many people, marketers have to find effective ways to push their products to consumers through online presence and web marketing. While most companies have started setting up their corporate websites or online shops, we now (read on...)

The 3 Main Aspects of a Strong Web Presence for Your Business

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How do you establish a strong web presence for your company? This seems to be the timeless question asked over and over again by startups and small businesses. Well, first you need a well developed website, and if you already have one up and running you need effective web marketing solutions to (read on...)

Why Web Analytics Is So Important For Your Online Success?

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There are now millions of websites because people and businesses are acknowledging that the internet superhighway is the way to the future. If you want to be successful in your business you have to get into web marketing. There are two kinds of businesses that go into internet marketing-those (read on...)

Is Your Website Content Losing You Money?

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Have you ever noticed how so many otherwise-serious businesses bomb their online presence? Most business owners realize an online face is crucial these days, but too many don’t seem to get what “being” online really means. And in this current economy that mistake holds suicidal (read on...)

Why Lawyers Need To Stop Giving Out The Wrong Messages If They Want To Attract More Clients

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In my last article, I mentioned the need to put a system in place to increase your visibility as a lawyer. However, creating a platform to increase your visibility is not enough if you then say something that turns prospects away from you. Many lawyers underestimate the importance of their (read on...)

QR Marketing – Where Mobile Web Marketing Meets Image Scanning Technology

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Another mobile phone marketing strategy is mobile web marketing, which revolves around the concept of mobile websites. These websites are different from those that are intended for desktop interface. Mobile websites are for mobile phones, specifically smart phones such as iPhones, Android phones, (read on...)

Is Your B2B Site Making a Good First Impression?

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Is your website littered with jargon no one but your industry colleagues would understand? Does your web copy look like it was produced in a factory? According to MarketingSherpa, a popular online resource specializing in tracking marketing trends, the majority of your prospects are going to pay (read on...)

Getting High in SEO – Understand What Drives SEO Results

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This article outlines the arena known as search engine optimisation, or SEO, which is about getting your website found by search engines, and tips for improving your rankings. It all starts with keywords – they are the glue between people searching online and actually finding your (read on...)