Volunteers Need – How To Organize An Outdoor Movie Event

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If you have not planned your own outdoor movie event, what goes on behind the scenes is probably a mystery for you. A ton of work goes into planning one of these events and making it a success. People are needed to perform various jobs that are essential for outdoor movie events. Let’s look (read on...)

By-Laws for Volunteer Organizations

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After a volunteer organization is established and community support grows, it should adopt a consistent method for handling activities. Many groups define their methods in a short document called by-laws, usually written by an ad-hoc committee and voted on by the entire membership. Section 1 (read on...)

Membership Recruiting for Volunteer Organizations

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From time to time every organization needs to add new blood to its membership ranks. Existing members scale back their participation due to business obligations, they move away, others lose interest, and a few, who are life-time members, will pass away. The following suggestions for recruiting (read on...)

Professional Development All of the Time

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When the economy is down, it is necessary to tighten the budget. One of the first and easiest places to cut is in professional development. It is only a temporary cut. The money will be restored next year. Everyone is highly skilled and the staff will understand. It is a minor sacrifice for the (read on...)

Use All the Power You Have to Lead Your Organisation

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The majority of businesses on the planet are lead by poor use of power. People are given power over others by an organisation because of some attribute they have shown along the way and then wield it in an unproductive effort to force a business forward in their own image. Dictators are the worst (read on...)

Get Other People to Do Work For You and the Promotions Will Follow

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To have a big impact on the world you need to influence people around you to share the load. The first question you should ask is who can do the work you need to get done? You then need to work out how to get them to do it. The more powerfully you can motivate other people to want to do work for (read on...)

A Handful of Good Tips For Managing, Motivating, and Working With Volunteers

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Volunteers aren’t any different than their compensated counterparts; they have a responsibility to behave professionally, to get the job done, and to hold themselves accountable for their actions. Where they differ from salaried employees, though, is in the type of currency they expect in (read on...)

Marketing Your Charity on a Budget

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They say the best things in life are free and the lifeblood of many charitable organisations is the time that volunteers give up to support them. Likewise, the donations they receive are often given in return not for a product or service they are offering but because of the generosity of the (read on...)