Understanding Brand and Identity

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Identity, as a logo, is a foundational component of a ‘brand’ but it is often misunderstood as being ‘the brand’. A strong visual identity is a good-start on the road to building a brand, but unless the visual identity is reinforced with a fully-realised brand that (read on...)

Logos: What They Are, Why They Are Essential to Business and Where To Start

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A logo is a symbol or graphic emblem which is a concise, portable and powerful visual communication tool used to represent commercial enterprises, organisations or individuals. The logo is the central part of a broader Visual Identity – an image that helps promote public recognition of who (read on...)

Eight Steps in Branding

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Developing a brand strategy can be challenging, but is a vital step in creating a strong business strategy and lays the foundation for your business plan. Spending time investigating and researching, defining, and building your brand is critical for your future success and defines your business, (read on...)

What Makes a Great Visual Identity (Logo-Mark)

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The most important piece of property your business or organization will ever hold will be its identity. It is the visual representation by which the public and hopefully your target audience will remember and know you by. A great visual identity, logo mark or brand becomes iconic to the audience (read on...)

The Challenge Of Ensuring Your Visual Identity Is Consistent

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One of the many benefits of having a consistent style in ALL of your marketing collateral is that you create an ‘immediate awareness’ whenever people catch even a glimpse of your brochure, signage, brochures, television advertising or direct mail. They have seen your stuff before, and (read on...)

New Business Marketing Checklist

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The idea of starting a business is very tempting for many of us for different reasons: you have a great idea or an opportunity that you want to take full advantage of. You want to supplement your income. You want to be your own boss. You find that being on your own is more challenging and (read on...)

Custom Lapel Pins – Wear Your Visual Identity Everywhere

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Building a visual identity is critically important for organizations such as charities, small businesses or large corporations. When visual images are designed by professional ad people, the organization which commissioned the art work, chooses something that effectively identifies who they are (read on...)

Logo Design – Getting it Right From the Start

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When you start a business you will very quickly see the need to begin creating some continuity in your commercial identity. Creating a consistent visual identity is a very important part of a business and should not be left too late. If a business is to succeed it needs to create itself a brand. (read on...)

Put Your Design in Order For Greatest Effect

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If you are beginning a new business venture, or new marketing push in an existing business, which requires collateral for its delivery, you’re probably going to need something designed to do it well. Maybe it’s business cards, or marketing postcards. Perhaps it’s fliers, (read on...)

Five Vital Factors That Make Your Business Logo Great

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Everything your business stands for can simply be conveyed by your company logo. It’s basically the visual representation of your unique selling proposition, key benefits, and products or services offered. Unfortunately, there are so many entrepreneurs out there who don’t realize the (read on...)

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