The Importance of Having High Visibility Business Signage

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Businesses are, for the most part, members of a highly competitive environment. In order to succeed, a business must communicate with its customers in a quick and effective manner regarding any of the products or services it offers. For the majority of businesses, the most cost-effective and (read on...)

Will Hosting a Telesummit Still Work?

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That’s a question I’ve been hearing a lot lately, so I decided to get the goods from my friend and colleague, Ellen Britt of Marketing Qi. I mentored with Ellen to learn how to produce and host telesummits, and she’s hosted 12 events herself. There’s no one that knows more (read on...)

How to Improve Your Advertising Using Outdoor Media – Part 5 – Bring a Buffet

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Very recently we were reminded first-hand of the importance of having choices. A new client who traditionally relied on local newspapers was looking for some changes and options. The same old/same old had grown tired and business for them was suffering as a result. We brought a fresh approach and (read on...)

How to Discover Your Stand Out Brand

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There are many definitions of a brand. To be honest, “brand” is such a simple word, but defining it can sometimes be challenging. There is a simple approach to branding by defining it as what people say, think or feel about you and your business. In other words, think of your brand as (read on...)

Business Models Built on Performance Payment Strategies

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When People Earn More, Do They Do More? Why is it that salary increases do not always result in a proportional increase in performance output? Why are institutions that pay high salaries not always able to keep their best employees from leaving? Why are some employees with high salaries in (read on...)

20 Unique Locations To Find A Seminar Room

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When it comes to finding your workshop or seminar room, it is easy to look at the hotels in your town, get some proposals from them and pick one of them as your seminar venue of choice. This may be the best option for you, or maybe not… it certainly isn’t very memorable. Before you (read on...)

How to Assess Your Brand Promise

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A brand promise is the bold claim that your company makes in its marketing. It is what your clients and customers can rely on time and time again. For example, Volvo promises safety. FedEx promises overnight delivery. Disney promises happiness. Zappos promises customer service. Is your brand (read on...)

Ten Ways to Increase Your Visibility in 15 Minutes Or Less

July 2, 2010 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Branding 

Everyone is stretched for time these days. Yet, you’re smart enough to realize that you need to spend time marketing your business. Here are some quick things you can do to get some momentum as you work on more involved ways to raise your profile and build your brand. Write and Distribute (read on...)

Outdoor Banners – Get the Visibility Your Business Needs and Still Keep the Landlord and City Happy

April 1, 2010 by  | Leave a Comment Filed under: Advertising 

If you answer yes to the following three questions continue reading this article. If you don’t answer yes, no need to continue. Does your business have high traffic exposure but set back away from the traffic? Does your landlord or municipality frown on you putting signs on the sidewalk (read on...)

You Have to Have an "In" With Media to Get Media Exposure?

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Many myths exist about who is covered by the media in general. One popular myth is that you have to have an “in” with the media before they will use your media releases or write about you. The truth is that the media have to keep their audiences interested. New voices and diverse (read on...)

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