Tips on Writing a Video Production RFP

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You’ve decided you need a company video and need to hire a video production company. Unless you know exactly what you want and how you want it produced, choosing a production company can be a daunting process. Issuing a request for proposal (RFP) can be the best means of sourcing video (read on...)

Why Should I Advertise in a Bad Economy?

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One of the first items a business cuts in a bad economy is their advertising budget. This could ultimately be detrimental to your business. Customers can’t find you if you don’t advertise. It gives greater advantage to your competitors leading the way in your industry. You want to be (read on...)

Creating an Effective Television Advertisement

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As a business owner you want to attract more customers at a cost effective rate but also you want your to convey a clear message to your future clients that will entice them to visit your store or to call you. Some of the first steps to creating a good video commercial is to start out by writing (read on...)