Video Marketing – 5 Tips for Creating Inexpensive Marketing Videos

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Every day, more than four billion people watch videos on YouTube – and they’re not all looking for puppies and kittens playing together, either. Increasingly people are turning to videos for business-related information, however many companies still shy away from video because they (read on...)

If You Have A Business, NOTHING Works Better Than Texting

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When it comes to using texting (or SMS), there is a BIG difference between text messaging in the UK and Ireland and the system used in USA and Canada. In the UK and Ireland messages are not restricted to 160 characters and consequently promotional messages can have a real impact instead of being (read on...)

Mobile/Online Shopping Face Off

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Shop online, or shop on your mobile? Are they really that different? Online shopping offers the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own couch. Of course waiting a week or so for a package in the mail can be a bother. Mobile shopping requires you to get out there and wait in line at (read on...)

Top 3 Tips to Increase Event Exposure on YouTube

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Are you seeking more visibility for your events? Achieving that now is easier than ever before. Events are now more social. Organizers are exploring various publicity platforms to attract their target traffic. Recently, video marketing is being excessively used by organizers to increase the (read on...)

The 5 Reasons Why Web Video Is the Most Economical Tool Your Company Can Use to Increase Profits

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This is the Age of Video. Not only is it everywhere, but technological advancements make it look amazing. Using only a cell phone, video can be captured and uploaded onto YouTube instantly…and people are watching it by the millions. Video and the internet make perfect partners, allowing (read on...)

How Online Video Content Marketing Can Help You Win Enterprise Deals

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More and more case studies are being published on how online video content marketing is driving action to improve conversion across all points of the sales cycle – from getting found on search engines to providing information on what distances your company from the competition and closing (read on...)

Selecting The Best Graphic Vehicle Wrap To Advertise Your Video Marketing Business

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The current economy is a tough sell, and it’s a great thing that video marketing is emerging as a strong promotions instrument. Competition has been opened up tremendously thanks to the internet. Because of this, companies have had to think harder and smarter about how they can grab the (read on...)

Video Production, Kill the Buzz

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Want to make your video stand out? Try removing the meaningless corporate jargon– those “buzzwords” that sound important but really just muddle your message and confuse your viewers. Tell it like it is! In my company we don’t “leverage our synergy to empower (read on...)

Video Marketing

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Video marketing has become one of the most widely used methodologies verses traditional marketing approaches (print, radio, television and so on). In order to promote online businesses and reach potential customers, new age businesses must employ web video marketing technologies. Statistics show (read on...)

What Is the Difference Between TV and Online Video Advertising?

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There is no need to prove that video ads are more effective than simple text or even picture banner ads. When it comes to online video advertising, however, there is a new concept when writing the script. A TV commercial is created for a broad audience, and it acts more like company branding than (read on...)