3 Tips for Finding New Clients

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It was back many years ago and my first day on the job in my new sales career. Nervous? Absolutely! I was driving up to the Knoxville office of the old Digital Equipment Corporation where I spent 15 years of my career. I had just completed the Internal Sales Development Program and was excited to (read on...)

3 Reasons for Client Procrastination

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According to a recent study on issues facing the life insurance industry, 56% of the agents said that their biggest sales problem is client procrastination. And, as you might imagine, this problem is not unique to the insurance industry. Every sales professional feels frustrated when (read on...)

Why the RFP Is Wired

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I was recently working with a new client. They were complaining that the RFP they were chasing was wired for another vendor. Wired generally refers to the situation when the RFP has specific qualifications that only one vendor could reasonably address. The team felt they were not being dealt with (read on...)

In Sales, Value Trumps Price Every Time!

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Have you ever sold a product that was not the lowest cost product in the market? If you said yes… congratulations. I congratulate you because you were obviously able to sell a product or service based upon the value of the product or service and not the cost. Understanding the difference (read on...)

What Happens When the Pigs Don’t Eat?

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Wayne, a feed salesman, pulls into the yard and greets Donny, the farmer, outside his barn. He steps out of his truck and exchanges a hardy “morning” with Donny. After a few comments about the weather, Wayne asks about the new feed Donny has been feeding his hogs. Last month Donny (read on...)

Three Key Sales Tips for 2012

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Happy New Year and welcome to another year with a new sales budget! You may already be thinking about the potential challenges you might face. Are you wondering, will the economy continue to improve or will it backslide; is my new sales quota achievable; what other challenges might I face either (read on...)

How Do You Turn the Thoughts of Your Customer Into Action?

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We’ve all seen the expression on the face of the customer who is 99% sure that they’ll buy from you. Here’s what you’ve seen: there’s a bit of frowning, the hand moves to the chin or the hands move restlessly. Staring you right in the face is someone who just (read on...)

How to Develop Business Management Metrics

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“How you gather, manage, and use information will determine whether you win or lose” Bill Gates. “It would be nice if all of the data which sociologists require could be enumerated because then we could run them through IBM machines and draw charts as the economists do. However, (read on...)

Selling Is All About Building Great Relationships

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Many moons ago I was competing for a large computer sale against IBM. This sale was ours to lose and we didn’t plan on losing. Our price was lower, our technology was superior, the service levels were better and there would never be any additional fees for upgrading to a larger system. Yet, (read on...)

Accelerating a Sales Cycle With Value Propositions

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Value propositions can dramatically accelerate sales cycles, as highly successful sales people have proven. However, most sales people aren’t sure how to utilize them, and they stumble over how and when to appropriately include them in a sales cycle. There are three key misconceptions that (read on...)