Thriving During Tough Times Tip #24 – The Right Questions Are Crucial to Getting Big Wins

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“The essence of the process is to get the right people engaged in vigorous dialogue and debate, infused with the brutal facts and guided by QUESTIONS formed by the three circles.” — Jim Collins Last time I discussed the importance of asking the right questions in pursuing (read on...)

Sales – If You Can’t Close Them at Least Learn From Them!

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Whenever we don’t convert a lead into a sale, there are at least two opportunities we lose: (1) Obviously, we fail to earn the revenue, profits and other benefits that accrue from adding an account to the books; and (2) Typically, we fail to learn WHY we didn’t convert, which means, (read on...)

Peter F Drucker – Reconsidered

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I don’t have to tell you that the late Peter F. Drucker is still one of the most revered names in management circles. Shortly, those of us that studied with him directly, and the business school named in his honor at Claremont Graduate University, will celebrate his centennial, the 100th (read on...)

See My Name Often Enough and You’ll Find Me Credible!

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I was trapped in paradise–a tenure track Assistant Professor at a small, liberal arts university. I was in clover, but as Dostoyevsky said, the clover wasn’t good enough. So, I devised a plan to escape; to sell my teaching services by the day, instead of by the semester, or by the (read on...)

Five Great Reasons to Continue Marketing During Tough Times!

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In a recent Internet blog, one person asked a truly important question that I’d like to address, here: “Does it make sense to continue marketing during a recession?” He went on to explain: “If no one is buying at the moment, why keep marketing? There’s no sense (read on...)

Selling Tips – The Best Training is the Game Itself

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When I first heard the phrase, “weight training,” I was puzzled. We weren’t training metallic objects to do something, were we? I was a baseball player, and barbells and dumbbells certainly weren’t training me to do anything. Nothing on the diamond involves heavy lifting (read on...)