The Importance of Scouting Yourself (Part 2 of 3)

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It is important to watch film of your opponent, but it is even more important to study yourself. Failing to scout yourself is failing to prepare. And as legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden said: “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” One thing that Coach Wooden has said is (read on...)

5 Benefits of Sharing Your Clients

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Recently, I was having a coffee, collaborating with a professional colleague. Within short order, we had agreed to work on two matters together, which will benefit us and our clients. It was a very easy give-and-take session, a perfect portrait of the way we think of “good business” (read on...)

Direct Selling Versus Meeting-Cute

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For a time I’ve been puzzled by a web mystery, specifically why serious and smart business people invest oodles of time and money in largely useless web-based activities such as social networking. I’ve done the same, shifting much of my marketing thrust from proactive, telephone and (read on...)

We Need to Reach Out & Sell Someone – Now!

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Remember that cool sports movie, “Field of Dreams” with Kevin Costner? Costner’s character heard voices entreating him to build a baseball diamond in the middle of a cornfield, a place where Shoeless Joe Jackson and the ghosts of the Chicago White Sox could come back to life and (read on...)

Will the Economy Restore Urgency to Selling?

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I just read another statistic citing a slowdown in consumer spending. This one from Publisher’s Weekly says one-third of book buyers have curtailed their purchases. What that stat doesn’t say is some people are buying more volumes. I should know. I’m one of them. Granted, (read on...)

Is Christmas a Good Day For Selling?

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Ever since I started selling, and especially since becoming a sales manager and consultant, I’ve been fascinated by the superstitions that sellers foster. For instance, is it opportune to sell someone on Friday, the 13th? Personally, I love to sell on St. Patrick’s Day, which I (read on...)

It’s the Saturday Before Christmas & I’m Expecting Business!

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There is no such thing in my consulting practice as a Christmas rush. The phones aren’t ringing off the hook, and there is no incessant knocking at the front door. Nobody really lines up to hire someone to help to fix their sales, customer service, or management units. Nor do they think, (read on...)

Welcome to the Post-Nice Sales Culture

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I just published an article that reveals one of my counter-intuitive marketing practices. When I’m peddling my new book titles, I’ll return to editors that passed on prior projects, especially the ones that turned out to be winners, later on, under different imprints. “You blew (read on...)

You Cannot, Not Self Promote!

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Among others, I teach a well-subscribed class at UCLA Extension titled, “Strategies for Effective Self-Promotion.” Helping people to achieve visibility and more before their intended audiences is central to my mission, as a teacher, author, speaker, and consultant. I’m also an (read on...)

To the Brand Born

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They used to charmingly call new arrivals one’s little “tax deductions.” Today, we’re smarter than that. We can see quite clearly, that our wee ones are really conscious consumers, little buying machines that are raring to go, within months after the stork delivers (read on...)