Fraud Awareness Programs: Employee Training to Combat Fraud

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The financial scandals at the turn of the 21st century eroded investor confidence and public trust. In response, Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) in 2002. Nevertheless fraud and corruption continue to exist and the extent of white-collar crime is startling. The 2012 Report to the (read on...)

Certifications Made to Order

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Occasionally I attend business meetings to check with business owners, business happenings, and trends. I would love to travel and check wider area business events, but my wallet usually gets heavy and keeps me anchored to my seat. A manufacturing meeting panel I attended recently included a (read on...)

The Four Fundamentals of Effective Leadership

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Discussing topics designed to teach leaders how to avoid the pitfalls of effective leadership by mastering the Four Fundamentals of Leadership. Leaders who master these fundamentals, often build successful teams who master results. – Know yourself – Know the people you lead– (read on...)

Hotel Management – Is High Staff Turnover a Silent Killer?

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In an industry where staff costs are naturally high, workforce turnover can become a real killer in both profitability and reputation terms. I believe that by far the biggest reason is that Senior Management teams fail to quantify the costs involved. Research conducted by prestigious (read on...)

Three Signs of an Engaged Employee

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We have heard this several times: people are the best assets of any organization. This is why many companies have invested such a significant bulk of their resources to ensure that only the most qualified people are recruited and hired. But even with the best hires in tow, why do many (read on...)

Steps in Conducting an Operational Analysis

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After organizations develop brilliant plans to ensure their competitiveness, the truth is, producing the desired outcomes is the greater challenge. A good strategic plan provides long-term direction to give your business competitive advantage. But how do you ensure that goals are met by people on (read on...)

Can Great Leadership Be Learnt?

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A ‘natural leader’ is a term we hear a lot in the sporting world. Someone is a natural leader on the pitch, someone members of the team look to when the going gets tough, when they need help, advice and, well, leadership. But is it something that comes naturally or is it a trait that (read on...)

The 3S Simple Sales System

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3S Simple Sales System Computerized customer relationship management systems (CRM) have encouraged firms to use increasingly complicated sales models and to assign lots of sales roles to the players (e.g. Blocker, Influencer, Cheerleader, Decider, etc.). As these sales models become ever more (read on...)

Remember What It’s Like to Be New? How to Bring a New Member of Your Team Onboard

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Let’s say you’re running a company or team, and suddenly you need to add new employees. Before you do, remember what it’s like to be new. Everything is unfamiliar, uncertain, and yet, you’re trying your best to lose the “new guy” label by doing good work, (read on...)

Why Training Often Doesn’t Meet Expectations

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The world is full of trainers. Very often people who have had a successful management and/or sales career and who want to pass on their knowledge. There are also people out there who have been taught how to conduct a management or sales training without having any experience in those fields. (read on...)

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